Monthly Archives: November, 2016

Let’s Hit the Slopes

By Thomas Peticca Asst. Features Editor With the temperature starting to rapidly drop as winter gets closer, everyone gets their own thoughts as to what is…

The Legalization of Marijuana

By Caroline Fallon Staff Reporter On November of 2012, ABC News reported that Colorado and Washington were the first two states to pass the law that…

Goodbye Fall and Hello Winter

He Said: Anthony Mattariello The changing of the seasons brings in many different things. New holidays are coming up, people bring out a whole different wardrobe,…

Not Your Typical Houseparty

By Diana Hofmann Staff Reporter A new app has been released known as Houseparty, which is essentially a group FaceTime with up to 8 of your…

Club Spotlight: Pioneer Magazine

By Christina Dimauro Staff Reporter Pioneer Magazine is a student-run publication at Sacred Heart University that releases two publications a year, one at the end of…

Food Review: Jerry Shakespeare’s

By Atene DiLuca Staff Reporter Finding great local Chinese food takeout, amazing pizzeria, or a 24-hour diner is almost necessary to make it through a college…

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