Monthly Archives: April, 2017

Thank You Spectrum Mondays

By Natalie Cioffari Editor-In-Chief I think I may be one of the few college students that actually enjoys Monday. Yes, that’s right. I like Mondays. It…

Dear Spectrum:

By Jessica Chaloux Managing Editor For the past three years Spectrum has been a focal point of my college career. Now it seems that it’s time…

All Summer ’17

By Daniel Diggins Staff Reporter From the Catamaran’s top deck, Freshman Devin Nealon could see nothing but blue skies and a calm ocean as he sailed…

Emojis Taking Over Snapchat

By Meagan Bonner Staff Reporter In June of 2017 you’ll find a few more icons on your keyboard that weren’t there before. Yet, what do students…

Pepsi Commerical Peaceful?

By Danielle Lapierre Staff Reporter Kendall Jenner and Pepsi joined forces for a new advertisement, which was supposed to depict a peaceful protest that Jenner eventually…

Say Goodbye To Coolattas

By Michael Marino Staff Reporter This summer, Dunkin Donuts will be dropping the Coffee Coolatta from their menu. The big question is, will “America still run…

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