Monthly Archives: February, 2018

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Round Three of TheatreFest

BY ABIGAIL FRISOLI Staff Reporter “I believe TheatreFest is what makes our program one of the best in the country,” said senior Patrick Robinson, who is the…

Wacky Weather: What’s Causing It?

By Devi Bridgemohan Staff Reporter Despite the recent snowfall, the northeastern United States is expected to have spring-like warmth surge back in. Students are shedding off…

World News: Here’s What You May Have Missed

BY ALEXA BINKOWITZ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Kentucky, United States Over the weekend, powerful storms destroyed properties and delivered heavy floods to the central and southern United States. Four…

Fencing Competes at NEIFC Championships

By Christian Rodriguez Staff Reporter The Sacred Heart University women’s fencing team finished in second place and the men’s team finished in third at the NEIFC…

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