A&E Spotlight: Kali D’Agostinis


By Kristen Cignarella
Staff Reporter

Kali D’Agostinis is a junior at Sacred Heart with a Media Arts major, concentrating in Journalism, who is also currently a Radio Intern for New York’s Hit Music Station, Z100. Z100 is one of the many commercial Top 40 (CHR) radio stations that broadcasts in the New York metropolitan area.

D’Agostinis started this internship during January 2019 and has continued it for three semesters.

“I have multiple tasks throughout a typical night at Z100. I have the responsibility of controlling social media platforms for the radio station such as Twitter and, more specifically, Instagram stories,” said D’Agostinis.

D’Agostinis’ usually goes to work at the Tribeca-based station from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

D’Agostinis said, “I start each night with the research of pop-culture stories that are trending and relevant enough to put on-air throughout the show. I then compose an article or two on trending topics, if an upcoming artist interview is near, and I create a preparation sheet of facts about the artists, along with upcoming shows and new music. Throughout the show, I control the social media platforms, interact with listeners and have fun!” 

D’Agostinis said that her favorite part of the job would have to be the experience, and that it is great to meet artists in the industry. She is so excited to be able to work behind the scenes of many interviews at one of the biggest radio stations in the country.

“I think this internship has inspired her to keep going and to go even further than this internship. She’s striving for something better than this and working hard for more opportunities in her field,” said junior Katrina Riggi who is D’Agostinis’ roommate and friend.

D’Agostinis also said that she enjoys interacting with the fans of artists and the listeners of the station as she feels that she is part of the Z100 community.

Despite Z100’s scheduling and popularity, D’Agostinis has not had any challenges to face while working, except commuting to New York City. D’Agostinis hails from Sleepy Hollow, N.Y., but as a full-time undergraduate student at Sacred Heart, she lives in Bridgeport during the school year.

“My experience at the station has gone very smoothly!” said D’Agostinis.

“I also think it’s very inspirational that she’s doing this, having a full-time internship and being a full time student as well,” said Riggi.

Of her future, D’Agostinis said, “I hope to take my experience and bring it to wherever I am next, whether I stay with Z100 or take on a bigger task in the entertainment industry. My goal is to continue working for the music industry and with the experience and the connections I have gained throughout this opportunity, it will hopefully become beneficial in the years to come!”

Riggi said, “I think Kali’s work is phenomenal. She is very ambitious and fights for what she wants.”

“Ever since I was little, it was a routine that my little brother and I listened to Z100 on our way to school every morning. I grew up listening to the station and to actually be a part of the family, it still doesn’t feel real! I am extremely grateful,” said D’Agostinis.


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