Justin Timberlake Takes on Super Bowl LII


By Meliha Gutic

Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

On Oct. 22, Justin Timberlake announced right before Sunday Night Football, with the help of his friend Jimmy Fallon, that he would be taking the stage as the Halftime Show performer at Super Bowl LII.

The 2018 Super Bowl is taking place on Feb. 4 in Minneapolis, Minn. at U.S. Bank Stadium.

“I like his music so I think that it was a good choice for Pepsi to make him the halftime performer. I actually am a girl that watches the Super Bowl and watching Justin Timberlake will be the icing on the cake this year,” said senior Savannah Lobo.

The Halftime show is sponsored by Pepsi and usually, the cost for production is expensive. There is a lot of thought that goes into the performance. They can cost up to or over ten million dollars.

Last year’s performer, Lady Gaga raked in 117.5 million viewers during her 13-minute performance, according to Fox. This had more views than the actual game itself, which had 111.3 million viewers.

She came in second for viewers behind Katy Perry, who had 120 million viewers.

“I don’t really care for Justin Timberlake, he’s not horrible but I’m not a fan. His style of music isn’t my favorite. I’m probably still going to watch it though cause my family loves football, and we end up making an event out of the Super Bowl,” said senior Nicole Ferreri.

Timberlake was in the boy band NSYNC, and they had millions of fans until they broke up in 2002. They performed alongside other artists at the Super Bowl XXXV, so he has experience and knows what to expect.

“I’m not a fan of his, but I absolutely loved NSYNC and I am still a fan of theirs. Him individually, not so much,” said Ferreri.

Fans on Twitter have been speculating about an NSYNC reunion, and are excited about the idea of it being a possibility.

“I am going to die if NSYNC comes out. I was literally obsessed with them and if they come out, I’m going to freak out. They haven’t been together for such a long time and for them to reunite with so many people watching is crazy,” said Lobo.

The Super Bowl is a huge event and fans throw parties to celebrate. But there are also those that watch the Super Bowl to just watch the commercials or the Halftime show.

“To be honest, I’m not really a football fan and I don’t watch the Super Bowl much. I like Justin Timberlake though, especially his song ‘I Can’t Stop the Feeling’ so I’ll definitely be watching his performance,” said senior Sam Sood.

Fourteen years ago, Timberlake joined Janet Jackson on stage and during their performance together, the infamous wardrobe malfunction occurred. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) received hundreds of thousands complaints from viewers who saw it as innappropriate.

So, this will be Timberlake’s second time performing at a Super Bowl.

“I was too young to remember that but hopefully a malfunction this year can be avoided,” said Ferreri.

Super Bowl LII will be televised on NBC on Feb. 4, 2018.


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