Mother! Film Review


By: Joe Durante

Contributing Writer


I have seen a lot of bad movies, and specifically a lot of bad movies this year. Some of those were The Great Wall, Ghost In The Shell, The Circle, Pirates of The Caribbean 5, Rough Nigh, Transformers 5, but now I have been put through pure cinematic torture with my most recently reviewed film.

This film is called “Mother!” directed by Darren Aronofsky, who gives us his worst movie since “Noah.

The film stars Jennifer Lawrence in her most over-acted and most dreadful role of her terrific career, and now she added this bizarre film to her resume. Talk about a major career bust and let-down.

I can’t believe that a real talented actress would agree to read this cheap script written by her boyfriend.

Come on Jennifer, you’re at the top of your career with X-Men, Hunger Games, your Oscar Winning Performance in Silver Linings Playbook along with your Oscar nomination for American Hustle.

And now you have to make the film that broke you with the audience and broke you with the box office? I have not seen actor break so much with the audience and the box office since Mike Myers in 2008’s bomb, The Love Guru.

Javier Bardem plays her husband who is a writer and together they live in big in completed home in the middle of nowhere. We don’t know their names throughout the whole movie, and what could possibly go wrong when Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer and many more uninvited guests show up to their home? Good Question. EVERYTHING! The plot was boring, and oddly tried to connect to current events, which didn’t work at all. It dragged at times and was over-acted in many scenes. It was very confusing, and could also be considered slightly offensive at times.

Darren Aronofsky is the most obscure filmmaker of all time in my opinion. Aronofsky has made good films, and I will admit that. He was on a really good streak when he made The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke and Marisa Tomei, which landed them both Oscar nominations in 2009. Aronofsky did also return with another success with Black Swan which lead to an Oscar win for Natalie Portman.

Then, he had to make the biblical film Noah that starred Russel Crowe in his worst movie ever, until my eyes had to witness the horror and pure cinematic torture of Mother! This movie raced its way to #1 on my worst film list.


Disclaimer: The opinions in this review are not in any way a representative of the majority, or of any other person.


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