“American Horror Story” Takes on the 2016 Presidential Election


By Julius Brown

Staff Reporter

On Feb. 15, “American Horror Story” producer Ryan Murphy announced that the seventh season of the show will focus on the 2016 presidential election.

Murphy made the announcement during a live interview on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

The recent election has provided a lot of inspiration for Murphy’s upcoming season. However, the production is still in the beginning stages and the new season will not begin shooting until June. Variety Magazine reported that Murphy has not developed a title for the upcoming installment yet.

As soon as the announcement of the election theme was made, the question of whether or not there would be characters who resemble Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton arised.

All Murphy had to say in the interview with Cohen was “maybe.”

Season six centered around the Roanoke Colony, otherwise known as the “Lost Colony.” Since then, fans have expressed differing views about the direction that “American Horror Story” has been going.

“Honestly, I felt last season was all over the place in terms of tone and vibe,” said senior Tyler Marques. “It turned me off a little.”

Past “American Horror Story” themes have revolved around topics such as ghosts, murderers, insane asylums, witches and vampires.

“[I’m] surprised. I think it’s weird that they aren’t basing it on a setting that is genuinely scary,” said senior Lauren Grass.

However, some fans like the approach Murphy is taking.

“The change in tone was weird at times in season six, but the growth of the series shines when ‘American Horror Story’ steps away from the horror genre,” said senior Diogo Antunes.

The divide between fans around season six carried over into the announcement of the new season. Some fans of “American Horror Story” do not like how political the next season sounds and think that it will affect the show’s ratings and fan base.

“They are going to lose a lot of viewers, it’s going to make it too political,” said senior Cara Fullsillo. “The announcement of the new theme seems like ‘AHS’ is trying to be something that it isn’t, the producers should stay with what has made the show successful in the first place.”

While some fans of the show don’t approve of the election theme, others find the election a place for “American Horror Story” to experiment with new things, as season six did.

“I mean you never know. ‘American Horror Story’ could give an interesting take on the election,” said Antunes.

According to Variety, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters will be returning to the show. The roles that they will be playing and which other cast members will return for season seven has not been revealed yet.

As the June production month approaches, fans are left to dispute how effective the political theme will be.

“People usually want to relax and get away from the real world,” said senior Alexander DeChino. “Bringing politics into this show would only remind people of the things they are trying to escape.”


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