Beyoncé Launches Clothing Line

 BY Brandon Ricketts

Staff Reporter 

On April 4, Beyoncé announced the re-launch of her Ivy Park activewear clothing line with new brand partner, Adidas.

Beyoncé first launched Ivy Park in 2016 with Green’s Topshop as an activewear brand. After unsuccessful sales, she had decided to reclaim her brand and move on. 

The Grammy award-winning singer bought out the remaining stake in the company, owned by Philip Green, a U.K. fashion tycoon, and she is now rebranding with Adidas. 

“I didn’t originally hear much about Ivy Park when it was released, which is a big surprise since it’s tied to Beyoncé, of all people,” said sophomore Vanessa Austin.

Adidas has a host of sponsored stars, from Kylie Jenner to supermodel Karlie Kloss. Two stars that have recently increased the brand’s value are musicians Pharrell Williams and Kanye West.

Both have a huge influence in the fashion industry with their eccentric styles. A pair of Williams’s Adidas Human Race sneakers have been seen to resell for upwards of $15,000 on sneaker websites such as Flight Club. West has had some of his sneakers sell for nearly $12,000 on the same website.

“I own a pair of YEEZY’s and even though they only retail at $220, the resale value is astronomical,” said junior Alannah Bunkley. “I paid over $650 for a pair of (Yeezy Boost) 350s and they hurt my feet, but owning a pair is definitely a status symbol.”

Kanye West began his sneaker journey with Nike where he released the Air Yeezy 1’s and then released the Air Yeezy 2’s soon after. West also collaborated with the likes of designer brands like Louis Vuitton before leaving Nike for Adidas. 

“Adidas giving Beyoncé the opportunity to become part of the brand will definitely strengthen the Adidas name and hers as well,” said Austin. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she helped remaster a pair of older Adidas and they resold for a crazy amount of money – in limited pairs, of course.”

After Beyoncé announced the partnership, the Adidas shares of the brand’s stock rose nearly one percent. 

“If I were Adidas, I’d recruit Beyoncé too, because she is such an icon and role model to so many people,” said freshman Jessica Maldonado. “I know she’d influence more stars to accept partnership deals with Adidas. I’d do it if I had the power to.”

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