Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time” Comes to Life


By Stephanie Doheny

Staff Reporter

While Disney is mostly known for its timeless princess movies and fun, animated children’s movies their latest film, “A Wrinkle in Time,” will certainly make you use your head.

Based on Madeleine L’Engle’s 1962 novel, her work has been adapted to the screen. The book, and now film tell the story of Meg Murry, her little brother and her fellow classmate, who travel through different dimensions and worlds, to find her father, who is a scientist, trapped on another planet. They are assisted by three astral travelers, Mrs. Which, Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Who on their dangerous journey through time and space.  They face many obstacles along the way, including traveling to a planet that is home to all evil in the universe.

“I expect the film to be somewhat like the book with a modern twist to it. Hopefully, it will stay true to the book as much as possible,” said junior Jessica DeLuca. “I think the movie is going to do great since it is being made by Disney. Sometimes their live adaptations can be a hit or miss so hopefully, it turns out great.”

This Disney film is directed by Oscar nominee, Ava DuVernay, also famously known for her work on the film “Selma,” and the 2017 documentary “13th.” DuVernay is the first African American woman to direct a major Hollywood motion picture with a budget over $100 million. That being so, critics of the film are saying that this takes on a totally new meaning for not only the film industry but for society as well.

“Simply by watching the trailer my expectations for the film is that the special effects and cinematography are going to be amazing,” said junior Elizabeth Squicciarino.

With a star-studded cast consisting of actresses like Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and Mindy Kaling, who play Mrs. Which, Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Who, respectively, critics are raving about such a diverse group.

According to a New York Times article, “The Time’s film critic A.O. Scott called Ms. DuVernay’s casting choices “a welcome innovation and the declaration of a new norm,” adding, “This is how movies should look from now on, which is to say how they should have looked all along.”

“The minute I saw that Oprah Winfrey was in it, I literally jumped out of my seat! I have a strong feeling that she is going to give such an excellent performance with her particular character,” said Squicciarino.

Many critics also have high hopes for the film, seeing that the actresses who play some of the main characters, play such a huge role in society as role models to many young women.

“I like how the cast is mostly female with a strong female director and actresses like Oprah Winfrey, Mindy Kaling, and Reese Witherspoon. Hopefully, this movie will inspire young girls and have a positive impact on them seeing the lead and these women on screen,” said DeLuca.

On opening night, the film grossed $1.3 Million, which according to Variety.com “is a mixed bag [result]for the fantasy adventure, which is struggling to attract the kind of crowd it needs to make a profit on its sizable $100 million-plus budget.”

However, with the numbers still coming in for the opening weekend, “A Wrinkle in Time” grossed about $33 million, which in hand with Marvel’s “Black Panther,” makes it a shoe-in for The Walt Disney Company to continue to rule the box offices.


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