February Improv Show


By Jessica Pedone
Staff Writer

On Feb. 27, Sacred Heart Theatre Arts Program (TAP) performed their monthly improv show, called “The Pioneer Players.”

The show is a “make it up as you go” where the performers play unplanned and unscripted roles. The night consisted of a series of games in which performers get themselves into funny situations, as comedy ensued. 

“I love acting in general, but there’s something about how genuine improv can be that makes both me as an actor and the audience have more fun,” said sophomore Christian Colón, Improv committee member and Staff Reporter for The Spectrum.

The Pioneer Players are similar to the show “Whose Line is it Anyway.” According to the show’s official Youtube page, each episode tackles a series of spontaneous improvised sketches using little information and a lot of imagination. It varies from a few random ideas from the studio audience and their host.

The Pioneer Players do the same. The audience suggests ideas for the games and skits that the five student actors perform. The audience would then yell out ideas for what the skit should be about and the first and last line that the performers would use. 

Sophomore Dominika Muchnik said, “Improv is definitely a challenge, but it’s fun. It helps you open up and really get out of your comfort zone.”

“Improv helps me to be more in the moment with things and helps me learn new ways of acting I wouldn’t do every day,” said Colón.

The Pioneer Players are confident in the challenge improv gives them.

The TAP improv group has been on campus for six years. The Pioneer Players is not a set group, so they are always open to new members. Anyone can join by going to rehearsals, which are Tuesday through Thursday at 8 p.m. 

Colón said, “I joined The Pioneer Players my freshman year because after going to rehearsals, I had never laughed harder. I got more involved as time went on, making me a committee member today.” 

“Improv is a very free experience; you aren’t confined to a script, which allows you to really show who you are,” said senior RJ Innamorato, improv chair.

Muchnik said, “Going to practices and coming to support my friends in shows is the best way for me to get the most out of it. I’m constantly learning new things.”

The Pioneer Players perform a total of eight shows during the academic year, four performances in the fall and four in the spring. This was there second show this semester. 

Improv chair Innamorato is the person who organizes the cast of five students to perform for each showcase, choosing them based on how many there are, how often they come to rehearsals, and how well they will work with others in the show.

“Improv makes me feel like I am a part of something bigger than myself. It is an awesome feeling and we hope the audience feels the same way,” said Innamorato. 

“After a long day of classes, watching the show is such a feeling of relief. Letting me relax and enjoy a good laugh is nice,” said Muchnik.


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