Keeping Busy in Quarantine


By Jessica Pedone
Staff Writer

Starting on March 11, Sacred Heart University moved to online learning for the remainder of the semester and sent students home on March 13. These moves were made for safety reasons due to the threat of coronavirus.

The university took these measures in response to the rapidly changing global health situation and people having to practice social distancing.

Packing up my dorm room and going home to continue taking my classes online is something I never imagined happening.

Taking online classes at home is an adjustment. I have been trying to figure out a new schedule in order to stay organized and not to feel overwhelmed.

I love being home and spending time with my family but they also make going to online school harder.

Home is not a quiet environment. For me, it is loud and fun. It is a place where things are always going on. To get away from that and focus more on school, I have been trying to go outside more, in my room, or in our home office. Going to a quieter space seems to be working so far.

Being away at school compared to being home at school is different. I have more down time at home. My time no longer includes leaving for classes or seeing friends.

I have been keeping busy by doing schoolwork, going outside, hanging out with my family, video calling friends and watching a new series I started called “All American.”

The series is inspired by a true story of the NFL player, Spencer Paysinger. “All American” is a family drama, about a young high school football player struggling through life but wanting to make it the professional status.

I am currently on season one out of two. A third season is expected to come out in Oct. 2021, if there isn’t a setback with production because of the virus, according to Newsweek.

“All American” is available on subscription platforms such as Netflix, FuboTV, YouTube and Amazon. It is also on the CW television website for free.

Not being able to go into public places and things being shut down because of the virus is boring. I never realized how much we do outside our homes on a regular and daily basis until now.

I have learned the best thing to do in quarantine is to try and stay busy. Focusing on school, staying active, creating a routine, watching a show. I hope that if I do my part, things will go back to normal soon.


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