“Midnight Cabaret” in the Edgerton Center for the Performing Arts


By: Kristin Burnell

Staff Reporter

Sacred Heart University’s Dance Program showcased their “Midnight Cabaret” show in the Edgerton Center for the Performing Arts on Friday, Dec. 1. The performance consisted of the Dance Company, Dance Ensemble, and the Hip Hop Production Class.

“Being a Captain this year made the show much more special,” said senior Photo Editor for The Spectrum and Show Coordinator for the Dance Ensemble, Missy O’Rourke. “I am very proud of all of the dancers in the Dance Program for putting on such a great show.”

The show started with an upbeat jazz and ballroom style dance, titled “Sax in the City.” It was performed by the Jazz I class. The routine highlighted dance skills between partners as well as advanced tricks.

“I knew as soon as I watched the opening number, the show was going to be very entertaining,” said sophomore, audience member, Mary Magliozzi.

The performance continued with more dances which featuring other dance styles: tap, ballroom, and hip hop. Each routine followed a classy flair of a cabaret theme.

According to the Edgerton Center’s website, the performance honored the tradition of cabaret style dance—all choreographed by students or professional choreographers.

“The theme was incorporated into the show pretty much through the decorations on stage, as well as the different lighting used throughout the performance,” said senior Dance Ensemble member, Kristyn Velez.

“Midnight Cabaret” was the first of three shows, all a part of the Dance Program’s three day Winter Concert Series.

Presented by the Dance Company, “Mosaic” took place on Saturday, Dec. 2. The series concluded with “Winter Soulstice” on Sunday, Dec. 3 and featured the Irish Dance Ensemble, Hip Hop Production Class, and other groups within the Dance Ensemble.

“We picked dances that went along with the winter type of theme, as well as a cabaret style,” said Velez.

“Show Me How You Express” was a burlesque/jazz styled dance that tied into the cabaret theme. The production featured hard-hitting technical skills amongst the dancers who stayed synchronized throughout the piece.

“I loved the burlesque piece and the ‘Payback’ dance number,” said sophomore audience member Julia McLaughlin. “They were both very impressive and the dancers were amazing.”

“Payback” featured the Dance Company and displayed hip hop moves all throughout the number. The audience loved the fun, fast paced dance as they clapped along to the beat.

“The atmosphere and being around all of the dancers was what I enjoyed most about the show.” said senior Dance Company member Rosalita Cormier.

Many audience members were on the edge of their seats throughout the show and were thrilled by all of the dances performed.

“Each number brought something different to the performance and I liked watching each dance group,” said Magliozzi. “There was a lot of talent shown on that stage.”

“Midnight Cabaret” concluded with the Hip Hop Production Class’s number of the night, ‘4 the Millennium;’ displaying striking ripples and unique solos.

“I loved everyone’s positive energy and getting to bond with people you did not think you would bond with,” said Velez. “I loved it so much and being apart of this dance program is one of the many things I love about going to Sacred Heart.”


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