Omega Phi Kappa’s “Revival Showcase”

Members of the OPK fraternity stepping during their showcase to promote unity and diversity. Photo by Peter McCue/Spectrum.

Members of the OPK fraternity stepping during their showcase to promote unity and diversity. Photo by Peter McCue/Spectrum.

By Stephanie Pettway

Staff Reporter

On Friday, Feb. 24 the Alpha chapter of the Omega Phi Kappa (OPK) fraternity hosted the “Revival Showcase” at the Edgerton Center for the Performing Arts.

According to Sacred Heart University’s website, OPK is a multicultural fraternity that was founded in honor of Black History Month on Feb. 1, 1995.

The showcase included performances from members of OPK and Sacred Heart’s Dance Program, two performances from Fairfield University’s hip-hop dance group, Remixx, as well as many other guest performers.

The show started with a slideshow that cycled through past and present OPK members. In the background of the slideshow there were multiple motivational speakers talking about struggles, diversity and unification.

“I have learned so much about what this frat is about,” said freshman Mackenzie Storms.

The slideshow represented what OPK stands for as a fraternity with their motto being “unity and diversity leads to knowledge” as their philanthropy is contibuting to academic and professional growth.

The show then proceeded with three members of OPK stepping to Beyoncé’s song, “Freedom.” They came out with chains around their neck and red, black and white colored masks. Halfway through the performance, they switched the masks and chains for their black OPK letter jackets and continued with their step routine.

Among the many performances of the night, Sacred Heart’s Irish Dance Ensemble, Ballroom Dance Ensemble, and tap group made up many of the routines that night.

Wearing green shirts and black leggings, the Irish Dance Ensemble came out in a synchronized line and maintained within it throughout their performance.

The tap group came out and tapped to a medley of Michael Jackson songs. The costumes for this performance were like the Irish Dance Ensemble’s, but instead they wore white shirts and black pants.

The Ballroom Dance Ensemble came out and had multiple couples on stage and all males consisted of OPK members.

With the variety of performances, some students found it hard to choose which was their favorite.

“The dancing performances were amazing,” said sophomore Stephanie Santoro. “Way too hard to pick which one was my favorite. Too much talent.”

Remixx’s first performance was a step routine with no music, and their second performance was a dance routine to a combination of different songs.

Toward the end of the show, some OPK members performed Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You,” with members either singing, drumming and playing the piano or guitar.

Toward the end of the night, all the seniors of the fraternity came up on stage and were honored with burgundy ties, which is one of the official colors of the organization. They also honored the dean of their chapter.

Those who were involved in the “Revival Showcase” came together and demonstrated their talents for students and faculty of the Sacred Heart community. They also worked with people who they may not have had the opportunity to work with before.

“It was great being on stage and able to work cohesively, it really means a lot. It was an honor to work with these boys and to put together the show,” said sophomore Marissa Chairenza.

Audience members congratulated OPK for putting on the showcase and were impressed with how well it went.

“The show went so smoothly,” said sophomore Emily Remington. “Props to OPK for an awesome showcase.”


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