Performing Arts Department Welcomes Prospective Students


By Cindy Sanawong

Staff Reporter

On Saturday, Feb. 25 in the Edgerton Theatre, Sacred Heart University’s Performing Arts Department will be hosting Performing Arts Day.

Approximately 45 minutes long, the event gives an in-depth showcase of the theatre, choir, band and dance programs at Sacred Heart.

The purpose of Performing Arts Day is to get prospective high school students interested and attracted to the different programs.

“We definitely have impressive students and impressive performing arts programs here,” said Dr. John Michniewicz, Director of Choral Programs. “So we want to show the excitement and show the family atmosphere what we have in our performing arts programs.”

The event will showcase a diverse range of performances.

“From the choir area, we have 4 Heart Harmony, which is our chamber choir of about 40 students that will be performing a great arrangement of a piece called ‘True Colors.’ The piece starts out with our junior soloist Cory Robinson,” said Michniewicz. “The song has a contemporary sound arrangement, so it kind of highlights the choir.”

Sacred Heart’s all-female acapella group, Blended Hearts, will be performing an arrangement of “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. The all-male ensemble group, SHUpermen, will also be performing.

“SHUpermen are singing an African arrangement acapella called ‘Hakuna Mungu,’” said Michniewicz. “It has an African feel, so it kind of represents the fact that we do music from around the world and highlights the broad range of music that we do.”

The dance programs will be represented by performances from the Dance Company, Dance Ensemble, and Irish Dance Ensemble.

Prospective students interested in dance can attend a dance audition class before the event begins.

“The audition helps us get to know our future students better and helps us guide them towards the program that best suits their background and interests,” said Kari Williams, Director of Dance Programs.

The dance programs are looking forward to adding new members.

“We are thrilled to be hosting so many talented new recruits on Performing Arts Day,” said Williams. “We hope to meet students that share our passion and energy. Students that are ready to help launch our programs into the future and become active integral members of our SHU dance family.”

The Theatre Arts Program will be performing musical numbers from their productions of “Working” and “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

Under the supervision of Gerald Goehring, Executive Director of the Edgerton Center for the Performing Arts, members of the Theatre Arts Program are excited to perform and encourage prospective students to be a part of their family.

“I think this event is a really amazing way for prospective students to get a glance at what our Theatre Arts Program is all about and how they can see themselves be a part of it. I hope that the prospective students can gain some sort of excitement from this event and the encouragement to come to Sacred Heart,” said senior Allison Imhoff. “I can’t wait to meet some of the future Pioneers.”


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