Sacred Heart Dance Company Presents “Fall/Rise”


Sacred Heart’s Dance Program presented their show “Fall/Rise” to represent the obstacles and successes of the Dance Program. Photo by Ryan Touhey/Spectrum.

By Lauren Finan

Staff Reporter

Sacred Heart University’s Dance Company performed their spring semester showcase on April 21 and 22 in the Edgerton Center for the Performing Arts. The name of the production, “Fall/Rise,” portrayed the obstacles and successes that the dance company has gone through.

The music the performers danced to ranged from R&B, instrumental, to hip-hop.

The costumes had a large variety such as leggings paired with a tank top with a plaid shirt tied around their waists to traditional salsa dresses.

“I liked how none of the costumes were identical for a selected performance. Each dancer had a different variation of the simple idea the director wanted,” said junior
Brittany Joseph. “For example, no single dancer had the same color as another but it would be the same style of clothing.”

Around 75 students and family members were in the audience to support the 50 active members in the dance company.

Junior Rosilita Cormier has been a member since her freshmen year in 2014. She performed in two dance numbers in the production.

“My favorite dance in the show is my duo with my best friend, Alexa Tricairo. Alexa and I have been dancing together since our freshman year here at Sacred Heart University,” said Cormier. “We have been members of the Hip-Hop Crew, Competition Hip-Hop Crew, and the Dance Company.”

Cormier said that this would be her and Tricairo’s first opportunity to show off their abilities as they have choreographed their dance piece independently.

“The Unforgiven” began the second act of the production. This particular dance number had a live piano performance as well as a live painter. The painter painted the solo dancer while she was performing.

“I thought the solo dance routine accompanied by the pianist was a great way to draw the audience to unique music,” said Joseph.

The dance member’s auditioned for the performance in December. When returning for spring semester in January, they officially began to practice. Each dance routine would practice for an hour and fifteen minutes once a week.

“I am in two dance routines. The first is ballet and the second is a more modern contemporary number,” said senior Olivia Druckery.

This production is Druckery’s last performance at Sacred Heart. She was most excited about this show because it is her final performance with all the girls that she
started the company with.

The dance company was formed when Druckery was a freshman and she has seen the program evolve firsthand.

This production was to showcase all that the program had to overcome to be where they are today.

“We started it four years ago and it is amazing to see where the company is headed,” said Druckery.

At intermission, the program had the audience view a film that introduced the senior girls who have been with the dance company since the beginning.

“I thought they did an outstanding job and always made me want to see what the next performance was going to be like,” said Joseph.


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