The Dance and Choir Programs’ Upcoming Events


screen-shot-2017-02-14-at-10-02-41-amBy Lauren Finan

Staff Reporter

On Feb. 15 the Sacred Heart University Dance Program will be performing during the Multicultural Showcase at 7 p.m.

“This showcase will represent several different styles of dance and hopefully give the audience a sense of unity. Dance is a universal language that speaks to us all,” said senior Kayla Plitnick.

The showcase will have performances such as salsa dancing, African jazz, Caribana and Irish step dancing.

The production will represent all different cultures that are celebrated at Sacred Heart. The dancers have been practicing for four hours a week, every week, since returning from winter break.

“I am excited to share the stage with so many talented students and to showcase our differences through the art of dance,” said Plitnick.

This show gives Sacred Heart students the ability to represent the other cultures and diversity within our campus.

The dance numbers are not just choreographed by professors. Students are also greatly involved in choreographing specific routines as well.

Brothers of the Omega Phi Kappa Multicultural Fraternity will be performing in the show with “The Enlightenment 95 Step Team.”

“The routines were created in a group effort. At practices we try out new ideas and once we find something we like, we build on top of each segment in stages. Each and every member is equally as important as the last,” said junior Omega Phi Kappa member Nick Rivera.

The next event within the performing arts department is the choir program’s “Gospel Fest” taking place on Saturday, Feb. 18.

The “Gospel Fest” Choir Concert will contain different groups for entertaining the audience.

SHU L.O.V.E., Liturgical Choir and Pioneer Choir will all be performing at the university’s concert. Professional gospel singer Clarissa Sinceno will be the concert’s guest soloist.

“‘Gospel Fest’ is essentially going to be what it’s called; authentic Gospel music. The music is very spiritual, deep and soulful,” said senior Jane Kenney. “It’s definitely sure to be a moving, fun, and inspiring performance.”

The singers have been rehearsing two times a week to perfect their songs and melodies that they will be performing for the concert.

“We have rehearsal twice a week in SHU L.O.V.E. and are constantly working on blending together to sound like one voice,” said sophomore Annie Wilson. “This is really what the group is all about, standing together as one. It’s a group of strong supportive women with appreciation and respect for singing. It has become one of my favorite choirs at SHU and continues to teach us how to be better singers as well as better people,” said Wilson.

“Gospel Fest” will be the first concert of the spring semester.

“The audience should expect a concert filled with classic gospel tunes such as ‘The Storm Is Passing Over,’” said Wilson. “Each song will take on a different style of gospel and it’s sure to take everyone to church.”


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