Theatre Arts Program’s “Working” Inspires Students

The cast of "Working" taking a selfie after a successful performance. Photo by Mark F. Conrad/Sacred Heart University.

The cast of “Working” taking a selfie after a successful performance. Photo by Mark F. Conrad/Sacred Heart University.

By Peter McCue

Staff Reporter

Sacred Heart University’s Theatre Arts Program presented their first show and musical of the semester on Thursday, Feb. 16 in the Little Theatre.

“Working” is a musical by Stephen Schwartz and Nina Faso. The Theatre Arts Program performed the adapted version that includes songs written by “Hamilton” creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Directed and choreographed by Simone DePaolo, “Working” follows the lives of over 20 different workers. The eight cast members involved in the production had an average of three roles each throughout the show.

“The cast did such an incredible job, and one particular character that really stuck with me was Chris Faccenda’s role as a nurse helping an elderly man with Alzheimer’s,” said senior Lindsey Manetta. “That really touched me because I work with the elderly and have that close connection everyday with the older adults.”

The storyline is inspiring because it tells the story of the average American worker going through different professions. The cast members all demonstrated the feelings of average workers and each role shined in its own way.

“I was not prepared for how much I was going to connect with this play. By the end of the show, it spoke to me,” said junior Gianna DiMartino.

The music was lively and accompaniment was provided by Assistant Director of Theatre and Musical Director of the production, Leo Carusone.

The audience really enjoyed the musical number, “It’s an Art,” performed by freshman Hannah Jones. She dominated her role as she did not miss a step and her singing was phenomenal.

There were a handful of numbers played throughout and each one brought the show to life.

“The songs were wonderfully sung and the music never lost a beat,” said senior Thomas Spierto.

The technical aspects of the show were well done. The lighting was creative and the sound effects were able to capture how the show is originally set in 1977.

However, the set was plain and not very exciting, but the use of the many different props and costumes made that unnoticeable.

Cues were called by senior and Production Stage Manager Alexandra Kostis and it all went smoothly. Without the excellent technical crew, the show would not have been as touching and inspiring.

“I didn’t expect the show to touch me the way it did and I absolutely think that everyone should go see this show because the cast and crew have worked very hard on making this show come to life,” said Manetta.

I was certainly inspired by this show. The cast and crew have worked hard and were in-sync on opening night. I highly recommend seeing it.

There is one weekend left to see “Working.”

Additional performances will be held Thursday, Feb. 23 through Sunday, Feb. 26. Thursday, Friday and Saturday showings begin at 8 p.m. and the Sunday matinee is at 3 p.m.

Tickets are $5 for Sacred Heart students, $10 for general students, $15 for senior citizens and Sacred Heart faculty, staff and alumni, and $22 for the general public.


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