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Editoral- I have FOMO

BY: Erica Condon Asst. Perspectives Editor Growing up, I always felt like I needed to be involved in everything and go everywhere. I was just the…

Epilepsy Awareness Month

Written by: Bryana Cielo Features Editor I’ve always been one of those people who loves to plan. When I walked into Linda’s the morning of Oct.…

The Voice In My Head

By: Stephanie Doheny Asst. Features Editor Picture this: a girl shaking uncontrollably on her bed. Not knowing why or how to stop it. She can hear…

Paraguay: My Odyssey

By ROBERTO ROJAS Perspectives Co-Editor Out of the 12 countries that are in South America, some people may find it hard to unravel the country of…

Be Still

By VICTORIA MESCALL Editor in Chief      It is so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind.      Between practice and class and…

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