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Why Spectrum?

By Prof. Joanne Kabak Spectrum Faculty Advisor  As you turn the pages or scroll through the current edition of Spectrum, you’re likely to learn about the…

Mental Health Awareness

BY Anaya Vance News Editor In a college environment, mental health is a conversation that is not stressed enough. The university works to promote good mental…

My Thoughts On Rob Manfred

LOUIS FREY ASSISTANT NEWS EDITOR Does MLB commissioner Rob Manfred like baseball? That seems to be a valid question with his actions this off-season. Manfred has…

Life as a “Nark”

JULIA PIZZUTO ASSISTANT A&E EDITOR About a year ago now, I received an email from the assistant director of housing at Sacred Heart and immediately threw…

A & E
Adopt, Don’t Shop

By Keely McCarthy Copy Editor If you’re looking to own a pet, it’s best to adopt compared to buying a pet from an online seller or…

In the Blink of an Eye

BY Gina D’Amico It was a bright and sunny afternoon when I walked across the stage at Plainville High School to accept my diploma. Four years…

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