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Transferring to SHU

By Chris Dolan Circulation Manager It feels like yesterday that I was a high school senior preparing for his first semester at University of Rhode Island.…

Dear Class of 2020

Dear Class of 2020, Your Spectrum editor graciously offered to include a note from me in your special graduation issue. It is an offer I greatly…

Why Spectrum?

By Prof. Joanne Kabak Spectrum Faculty Advisor  As you turn the pages or scroll through the current edition of Spectrum, you’re likely to learn about the…

A & E
TAP Presents: Gender Benders

By Christian Colon Staff Reporter On Feb. 26, the Sacred Heart Performing Arts department held their yearly fundraiser “Gender Benders” in the Edgerton Center.  “Gender Benders”…

A & E
Adopt, Don’t Shop

By Keely McCarthy Copy Editor If you’re looking to own a pet, it’s best to adopt compared to buying a pet from an online seller or…

Audrey's Corner
The Will to Live Foundation

BY Erica Condon Managing Editor On Dec. 4, John Trautwein came to Sacred Heart University to speak about his non-profit foundation, Will to Live. The foundation…

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