A Note to Everything I Will Leave Behind


By Giovanna Gatto

Managing Editor (Editorial)

The end is near and my time at Sacred Heart is coming to a close. With due respect to what helped form my experiences at SHU, I would like to dedicate my very last editorial to reflecting on the programs on campus that have helped mold into the person that I have become today.

Theater Arts Program:

   You have brought me some of my greatest friends and biggest obstacles. While my sleep deprived body will not miss the 10:10 meetings, I will miss the opportunities the optimism and the eager attitude from TAP members who dreamt of “making it” one day.

Volunteer programs:

   My attachment to volunteer programs stems from my involvement with the Costa Rica service learning trip. At the end of my spring break this year, my plane landed at JFK bringing my last service learning trip to end. I then realized how my experiences would now be tucked away and hidden from repetition. It is impossible to repeat something that can only be experienced, but it is possible to share memories and live the experiences that still remain so real that you can almost touch them. My hope is that the people who attend this trip past my graduation, find the same enlightenment and self-discovery that I found through my time in Costa Rica.

The Factory:

   As a pubescent freshman, I found myself zipping up my factory sweatshirt and clocking into work on a regular basis. Four years later, I can say a part of my life will close when I have my last shift this upcoming week. While I now know a lot of about information technology that I wouldn’t have predicted, I also have found a new interest in my life. Working in I.T. is the peak of problem-solving and being able to think in a system is something that has helped me grow academically as well become more confident in my work. On paper, it is a job but in reality, The Factory is a “family” and I will greatly miss the faces that have grown familiar over the past couple of years.

The Spectrum:

   The Spectrum newspaper very clearly holds my heart. When I first joined The Spectrum, everything about the newspaper was different. I watched us go through three editorials boards, three websites and two newspaper designs. This arguably has prepared me for my impending goodbye to these organizations that I love so much. As I have watched The Spectrum grow, I have also had to accept change. As my life changes, I would like to thank the organization that taught me how to stay relevant in our fast-paced world by embracing change and learning how to love it.

English club:

   The English club is a small organization on campus with a huge imagination that I have been honored to run for the past two years. A part of my footprint on Sacred Heart will always remain in HC210. This is where great ideas flourished and friends were made during our weekly meetings. The environment of English club brought my busy life to a halt. As much I led the club, the members also reminded how to be part of something that I will truly miss. With great pride, I am excited to pass on my torch to my successor and new Spectrum copy editor, Tyler Lascola.

   I truly am grateful for all of my experiences at Sacred Heart but my final words in the Spectrum paper are dedicated to the future of all of these organizations. As a member, editor, president and employee I hope that everyone who follows me finds the fulfillment that I have during my time at SHU. There are opportunities all around you, so don’t be afraid to take them.


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