A First Semester Progress Report


By: Alexa Binkowitz

Editor in Chief

If asked, I would compare my rise on The Spectrum ladder to the well-known scene in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.” Harry didn’t put his name in the goblet, but he was chosen to compete in the Tri-wizard Tournament anyway.

Honestly, that’s really how I got here. The title below my name on this page kind of just fell into my lap, but I’ve always known that journalism was supposed to be a part of my life—really, it’s in my blood.   

Also, journalism has really been under fire lately, which has only inspired me to work harder to create something great and everlasting. The truth is something that should always be fought for, in my opinion.

 Despite the adjustment and the learn-as-you-go way of things, The Spectrum has opened a lot of doors for me this semester, so I thought I’d use this editorial opportunity to give you all, our loyal readers, an official first-semester progress report on The Spectrum newspaper.

When we first began this year, we really wanted to give the newspaper that you all knew and loved a well-deserved facelift. We created a new, more professional and authentic layout, removed and changed some little details, and added some cool new features and sections that I’m pretty proud of. We’ve increased our website and social media traffic, and nearly doubled the size of our staff.

I truly would not be able to be like Harry Potter in the Tri-wizard tournament without my amazing staff or Professor Kabak and her Newswriting and Reporting classes.

To my amazing and incredibly patient section editors (Victoria, Brendan, Sabrina, Anthony, Kelsey, Dante, Christina, Jordan, Meliha, Heather, Ryan, and Kendall)—you guys are the whole reason we have such a successful newspaper.

Thank you for letting me toss your topics around every Sunday, for letting me ramble on about nothing important, for giving Sacred Heart students a voice, and for keeping up with everything that’s fresh and new because I clearly don’t know what’s cool anymore.

Dante and Roberto, you guys are the reason our 10-hour Monday production days are worth it. Thanks for dealing with some of the lunacy of getting these 750 copies out there into the world.

To Faye, Eric, and the Public Relations team, the true wizards behind the curtain—without you guys and your incredible skills of persuasion, we’d never be able to make connections with different companies for advertising and event planning. Thank you for making us relevant.

Gabe, Hailey, Tim, and Emily, my true graphic design saviors—we quite literally would not have a newspaper without your indescribable graphic design skills. Thank you for filling our white spaces, and a special shout out to Gabe for wrapping graphics around text like no one else ever could.

Lex, Zach, Eve, and Keely, the true English language professionals-—thank you guys for reading the same articles about 600 times each in search of errors or the dreaded comma misuse. You guys are the reason The Spectrum has been almost error-free for a whole semester (besides the infamous “Word News”).

Tessa, Evan, and Photo Queen Missy (who is also now a copy editor, a graphic designer, and a part-time writer, rumor has it), you guys are what bring this paper and the website to life. Words are nothing without pictures, and despite all the yelling and the seemingly eternal Monday nights, we would not be able to do what we do without you three.

And last but not least, Giovanna and Bryan. There’s really nothing like calling Trumbull Printing at 9:30 p.m. and being told to wait 20 more minutes before being able to leave. I think that just about sums it all up.

Overall, we’re coming off of an incredibly strong first semester. While I’m not really sure what’s coming up next for us, I am sure that The Spectrum would be nowhere without you, our loyal readers. Thank you for picking the paper up and reading what we have to say every week.

See you all right back here in January.


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