From The Beyond


By Alexa Kober

Copy Editor

(Fictional story)

At the beginning of the semester in Fall 2017, some students began experiencing odd occurrences—considered next to or paranormal activity—in their new dorm rooms.

  A resident on the third floor recorded feeling a presence watching him. At times, he would have to sit up and turn the lights on at night to check that the only other person present was his roommate.

The occurrences only seemed to radiate from his closet.

   Below them, on the second floor, residents also reported paranormal activity, including shadowy figures and strange knocking when no one else was physically there.

   At times the figures appeared to be of military origin and at other times it would be the image of a mother and carriage.

   Originally, these two stories did not appear to be related.

   However, further investigation revealed that residents of both suites had German ancestry and had visited Auschwitz—the world’s biggest concentration camp.

   Sometime between 2010 and 2013, it was discovered that some Sacred Heart students had journeyed on a school sponsored study trip to this historic location.

   They were able to see the abandoned buildings where at least 60,000 victims were held against their will before being tortured and killed.

   Curious to learn more about these odd occurrences, a psychic further investigated the situation.

   After speaking with the students on the third floor the psychic, who asked to remain anonymous, attempted to connect with the entity in the space.

   Through the psychic, the entity revealed itself to be the spirit of a young woman in her early 20s.  Further communication unmasked the woman’s feelings of fear towards authorities and the difficult life that she lived in the flesh.

   A similar reading done on the second floor revealed an older man who had also gone through a period of great difficulty or loss.

   He presented himself with a staff or cane, possibly indicating blindness, either literal or figurative—in the sense that he is searching for something that is right in front of him.

   The psychic was also able to sense the presence of at least one more entity on the second floor but the residents requested that the session be ended before contact could be made.

   The psychic gathered that one of the residents saw spirits in the image of militant figures or of mother and carriage.

   In an effort to continue the investigation the psychic spoke with students living on the first floor where no previous paranormal activity had been reported this year.   

   This resident is also of German ancestry and has suite mates who have visited Auschwitz. As soon as she entered the residence, the psychic was able to sense the presence of a spiritual entity.

   In one of the first floor resident’s Zen-like room she was able to contact the spirit who presented itself in the form of a small genderless child who was looking for comfort and protection.

   It is suspected that this child is looking for its mother who is residing on the second and third floors of the residence hall.  The unknown gender of the child suggests that it had not been born at the time of its death- as if their mother had been killed at Auschwitz while pregnant.

   The psychic believes that something is preventing the mother and child from reuniting with each other, possibly the military presence on the second floor.

   To those who do not believe in spirits, this story is but a work of fiction—but to those who do believe, this will only reaffirm and reassure that there is something that remains unseen, that hides in the shadows.


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