Importance of Internships and the Future


By: Eric Todisco

Asst. Public Relations Manager and Social Media Manager

   In college, students often hear about how important it is to gain an internship. While there is plenty you can learn in the classes relating to your major, an internship gives a completely different experience of knowledge for a student.

   It allows them to test out the waters in a company that can relate to a place they want to work once college ends. It also shows college students how life in the “real world” works, and the adjustments they need to make for when college is over.

   Having had two internships outside of SHU during my college career thus far, these are all things I have learned, and I absolutely agree with the importance of having an internship in college.

   In the summer of 2017, I got an internship with Bray Entertainment, which is a casting company in Hoboken, New Jersey.

   Since it was my first internship, I didn’t  know what to expect, and I remember feeling very out of place when it first began. However, I began to adjust to the commute, to the 10-6 work hours, and the company overall.

   Working at a casting company made me realize it was something I wasn’t very interested in doing, which is a good thing looking back.

   Another pro of having an internship in college is that you can see firsthand what you are truly interested in, and I knew this was something I was not.

   I can’t take away the great experience I got working at this company and building up my resume and work experience in the Media world.

   After I finished my internship at Bray Entertainment, I applied for internships to have for this current semester, Spring 2018, which is my final semester of college.

   I was much smarter about applying to places I felt I would be interested in, and I heard back from many more companies than the first go-round, which I felt was because I had a stronger resume now.

   I ended up getting an internship at TV Guide Magazine in New York City, and I absolutely love it. I have gained such amazing experience at such a credited company, and because of this internship alone, I truly feel prepared for my life after college. I now know I want to live and work in New York City, and I have a much better idea of what kind of company I can see myself at.

   College students certainly learn a lot during their time in the classroom for four years. However, the world after college does not lie in a classroom, and so I think an internship is truly the best experience a college student can get. Being out there at a company dealing with new people and different tasks is an entirely different type of education for the students, and it is extremely valuable.

   Entering the real world can certainly be scary for college students. However, I think that fear can dissipate with a student that enters into it with intern experience.

   On paper, their resume is stronger. As a person, they are more prepared and confident to deal with what is to come.

   I can certainly say I feel this way with the experience I have gotten. An internship is the key to knowledge outside the classroom, and using that knowledge to create a successful future.


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