Mental Health Awareness


BY Anaya Vance

News Editor

In a college environment, mental health is a conversation that is not stressed enough. The university works to promote good mental health and has resources for the entire Sacred Heart University community.

Peter DeSalvo, a freshman of the Jack Welch College of Business & Technology and a member of the Rugby team, had suddenly passed away on Feb. 1. The university expressed its condolences to the family and informed students that they had their support and would provide resources to get through this difficult time.

As the university mourns the sudden passing of DeSalvo, the topic of mental wellness came to the forefront of everyone’s concerns. Reinforcing that there are resources to help with mental wellness and the well-being of students, faculty, and staff.

Students often forget that when they need help there are resources on campus that can help them in tough times. Fifteen percent of the total undergraduate population has made it a priority to seek counseling resources.

University counselor Priya Pandit said, “In the 2018-2019 academic year, our counseling center, as well as counseling centers across the nation, have seen an upward trend in the demand for services on campus.”

The counseling services provided at Sacred Heart are solely based on the relationship between that individual and the counselor.

Pandit said, “You and your counselor will work together to identify and change thought and behavior patterns. Counseling helps empower students to learn skills and develop strengths to approach obstacles as they arise.”

The counseling center provides services such as screenings, assessments, crisis services, group counseling, prevention programming and more.

According to, “We are a wellness resource for the entire Sacred Heart University community. The Counseling Center works with students to promote mental health. We also consult with faculty and staff on assisting students who need support and provide resources for family and friends. Visits are confidential and easy to arrange.”

The counseling center is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and appointments can be made with a counselor at 203-371-7955.


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