Spring Break Travel Lessons in Paris and London


By: Faye Kenajian

Public Relations Manager

   Over spring break, I visited London and Paris with my family. Last fall I studied abroad in Rome, Italy for four months, and these were two places that I did not go during that time.

   When going abroad, my friends and I decided early on in our journey that London and Paris were two places we did not want to visit because we felt they are common places many people go to, and that they are not obscure enough.

   After reading this article, you will figure out why I felt the exact opposite after visiting these places.

   After coming home from abroad, it was a surprise to my friends and I who were also in the program that as time went by, the memories of our experiences began to fade.

   I say this because whenever someone speaks about their abroad experience, you often hear it was “the best four months of their lives.”

   So if this is true, then why do we forget?   

   With anything else, the passing of time makes the little details about an event fade.   

   Over spring break when I went back to Europe, all of the memories, lessons, and aspects of aboard that I was so sad that I lost started to come back to me.

   Even though last fall seems recent, I longed to go back to Europe to remember the little things I forgot.

   Although every country I visited in Europe was very different, something that I loved was how they always had one quality in common.

   This is because of Europe’s long history. One thing that each place shared was that they were very quaint. One of my favorite things about Europe is that there are many hidden places that are beyond the tourist attractions.

   This includes everything from little cafes to castles too. When I was there, I experienced their food, art, history, and most importantly their entire culture.

   As time goes on, every time I visit a new country I have a new appreciation for that place. I feel as though it is really fun to see the places that we have always seen in our history books in person in order to gather our own feelings about them.

   Another aspect as to why going abroad is so important is because no matter what, it is always an eye-opening experience.

   My trips to Paris and London were especially eye-opening experiences because these two places are a link to the past.

   Both places have so much history behind them and I feel as though it’s important to see that while also being aware of our own history as well.

   If given the opportunity, everyone should visit at least one European place to compare it with our own society.

    Particularly in London, it is very interesting to see the setup of their government. Seeing the monarchy working alongside the prime minister is something that we haven’t seen before.

   Our US history is relatively new, so to go to these different places and see what people have been doing for centuries is not only interesting but educational as well.    

   Going back to Europe opened my eyes, and I was able to see that there are things far beyond our little world that become repetitive and ritual every day.

  Knowing this can change lives. It can open your eyes to the past, present, and future of the world as well.


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