Thank you, Sacred Heart


By Missy O’Rourke

Photo Editor

The decision I made back in 2014 could not have been a better one. Choosing to be a Pioneer has changed me in ways I never thought was possible. It has given me opportunities I never saw coming. This experience allowed me to meet people who would become some of my closest friends.   

   So for my last editorial ever, I want to say thank you to Sacred Heart.

   The past four years have been full of experiences that have helped shape me into the young adult I am now. I feel (somewhat) ready to face the real world.

   I remember seeing Sacred Heart for the first time and thinking to myself that I belonged here. It has been amazing to watch the school grow and change over time. Now as I leave, I know the school will flourish in future years.

   Believe it or not, when I started off here I was not as outgoing as I currently am. Shocking, I know. I was a scared little freshman who didn’t really know many other people coming to the school.

   Luckily  I was added to a group chat of incoming students, and when we finally got to school we all decided to hang out. From then on I began to come out of my shell and be more confident.

   I would never have thought that this random group chat would actually introduce me to my best friends who will be my bridesmaids at my wedding one day. Shoutout to Nancy.

   Sacred Heart also allowed me to continue dancing. I remember being so nervous because I had no idea what to expect. Was I going to stink compared to these other girls? Would anyone like me? Will I even remember how to dance?

   Luckily, I don’t think I was too bad. I did indeed make amazing friends, and I also did remember how to dance.

   I have so many memories in the “fishbowl,” aka the aerobics room in the Pitt. So many delirious late nights, tears, and bonding experiences have happened with the girls I have danced with. I am so thankful for the time I got to spend with the Dance Ensemble.

   I even got to choreograph two dances, an opportunity I never thought I would have, or one that I would even take. Thanks to the dance squad, they made me feel confident enough to be creative in a way I never thought I would. “Bite” and “Line of Sight” are two pieces I will always be proud of.

   Dancing allowed me to have a chance to escape from all of the pressures of school. One random day I decided to color before dance, which some people may have thought was weird, but one girl joined me. She turned out to be my best friend and now my roommate.

   And thanks to the Spectrum, I realized that I love writing and journalism. I may not be the best at the AP style, but I love writing these editorials and being on the She Said column.

   The countless hours spent in the office staring at InDesign are probably some of my favorites. Alexa absolutely killed it as EIC this year and I could not be prouder of her for the way the paper turned out.

   So thank you, Sacred Heart. There is absolutely nowhere else I could have gone to college to have this same amazing experience. That, I am sure of. I have learned so many life lessons and really found myself as a person.

   As the Red’s countdown winds down and my time as an undergrad comes to an end, I will appreciate these last few weeks and make the most of them. See you on May 13th with this editorial proudly on my cap.


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