Why I Don’t Delete My Old Instagram Photos


 By Melissa O’Rourke

Assistant Photo Editor

Each morning I wake up and see what everyone I am following is up to. I am sure a lot of people also partake on this daily routine. Some posts I laugh at, some I am jealous of, some I just scroll on past. Each post that I see was posted for a reason. Why delete it?


Very rarely do I look at someone’s Instagram feed and praise the aesthetic of it. So, why only post certain photos for the look of it? Just post photos because you like them. Do not hesitate to post a picture that you like because you posted a food picture last week, and it will be too close to the landscape picture you want to post and the colors will clash. No one is going to judge you, trust me.


Instagram is like an online photo album. Sure, some of the posts at the bottom of my Instagram feed are highly embarrassing. On occasions, I love scrolling back and laughing at those brace-faced selfies. At the time, I thought I looked great.


Sometimes I look back and think, “why did I do my hair like that,” or “why did I think I could ever wear that?” Although, I will probably look back on pictures from now in a few years and say the same exact thing.


My personal favorite is going back to old posts to see how I captioned pictures. Freshman-year- high school-me could definitely not write for the Spectrum. Freshman year me also hashtagged like a middle-aged mom on Facebook. It is things like this that make me chuckle, so why would I delete it?


Instagram is like a time capsule. It is so easy to get to look back on the things I did so long ago, and have the memories come back to me. What is the point of deleting pictures with an old friend or an ex? What happened happened, deleting the picture is not going to make the past go away. Sometimes it is funny to see who used to comment on your pictures. Some people I do not even follow or talk to anymore.


Never do I look at a person’s post count and think that the number is way too high. Why delete photos just for the sake of a low post count? Nearing 600 posts on Instagram, I have never once thought that I need to lower the post count. Each picture I posted for a reason and I want to be able to look at it later on.


Next time you want to delete a post on Instagram-try not to. Maybe it messes up the way your feed looks or maybe you are second guessing how you look in the picture. Just remember that when you posted it, you did it for a reason. Keep the memories.


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