Why Optimism Isn’t So Weak


By Anthony Santino

Co-News Editor

At 21 years old, I’ve experienced a great deal of change in my life. With that, I have come to learn that as time goes on I’m going to encounter much more.

Growing up, I was very into sports and I still am. I play college tennis at least five days a week and follow most major sports.

I’ve also played basketball for most of my life and still hit the court every now and then. However, I gave up my NBA hoop dreams once I realized how uncommitted to playing defense I was in high school.

Now that I’m a junior in college and adulthood is quickly approaching, it often feels like crunch time. Thoughts of what I’m going to do for a living, or who’s going to stay in my life all used to be in the back of my head, but have now made their way to the front.

From exposure to evolving pop-culture and modern media, as well as from personal experience, I’ve recognized the power and importance of time.

Over time, trends shift, new people come into your life when you least expect it and your outlook might change drastically; for better or for worse. However, you learn and become stronger from it all.

Personally, I experience doubts and fears about what the future holds all the time. Yet, I’m thankful that they are overpowered by hope and optimism.

It’s not easy for any of us in this world of uncertainty. Even the strongest people face situations that are out of their control. That’s why I’m grateful for optimism and the strength it provides.

Some might say optimism is blinding, but to that I’d argue that the future and its unknown is even more blinding.

With optimism, you could overwrite your hesitations and take a leap into something great; you could work towards a goal that would seem unattainable without the help of positive thinking, even if you’re forcing that confidence on yourself.

The qualities and benefits optimism offers reaffirms one of my favorite expressions, “fake it till you make it.” The expression is  more than a caption Chris Rock might use for an Instagram post; it’s the best way to make good things happen through uncertain phases of life.

Before I moved into Sacred Heart University my freshman year, I ordered posters for my dorm room walls.

Nearly three years later, each room I’ve lived in at college has seen changes from the original lineup, but I’ve made it a point to always keep one. It’s a poster of Arthur Ashe, a tennis legend and one of the more inspiring public figures of the 20th century.

The Ashe poster shows him hoisting a trophy and smiling. It also has a quote that reads, “Success is a journey, not a destination.” I truly value this poster and try to live by those words each and every day.

No matter what I do, where I am, or where I see myself going, I always remind myself that there’s no endpoint for success and no stopping because of failure.

Where will I end up? Only time will tell. However, regardless of where I go, I’m going to keep calling on the optimism that lies within and follow the path my mind and heart paves for me.


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