By Dante Cabral

Staff Reporter

Dating applications are one of the ways for people to interact with one another using their smart phones. There are a variety of dating apps out there for people to try.

A new app called Hotline was released on Feb. 14.

The app alows users to have their first interaction through a phone call rather than texting like most other dating apps.

“I think it’s good to force them to have a phone call conversation so people who aren’t as serious about dating might not use it,” said junior Victoria Hague.

The app was created and launched by 28-year-old Sam Ballantyne. According to CNN Money, his goal was to promote as much face to face action as possible through a dating app. He was inspired to create Hotline after he matched with a girl on a different dating app known as Tinder, and she wouldn’t message him back until he called her.

Tinder allows people to either swipe left if they aren’t interested or swipe right if they are interested in that person. Once two people match on the app, they receive a notification and can instantly message each other.

Bumble has the same concept regarding a match. However, Bumble gives the woman 24 hours after a match to make the first move, while it gives 24 hours for the man to respond. If no interaction is started within 24 hours, the match is broken off.

“They’re easy to use. They’re at times addicting because you could be swiping for hours and hours. But it could also be frustrating because you could also get no matches,” said sophomore Joe Nestola.

While some Sacred Heart University students trust the world of dating apps, others
do not.

“I think they are kind of creepy honestly. I would never use it to be serious with it. My friends have had bad experiences with it,” said sophomore Meghan Bossone.

For Hotline, it only allows users to select up to three matches at a time as opposed to endlessly swiping through people.

The phone calls take place within the app so Hotline can keep track of how long the call lasts.

The app also hasn’t had the best reviews since its release. According to the iTunes App Store, users are complaining how Hotline constantly crashes and glitches.

“I think that it is a good approach for people who are more focused on really getting to know people and trying to form actual relationships that aren’t based on hook-ups,” said Nestola.

According to Mashable, the app is only available to iPhone users in New York, and costs $9 a month.

“I think it will be more successful than the others because you actually have to communicate and you can’t just hide behind your phone,” said Bossone.


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