Audrey’s “Spike Out Hunger and Homelessness”

By Amanda De Lauzon

Staff Reporter

“I remember Audrey through her endless smiles and laughter that are replicated on the faces of those she loved most in life,” said junior and Theta Phi Alpha President, Jordan Frederick. “Audrey loved getting involved and meeting new people and the fact that so many wonderful organizations came out to participate with us for a good cause would fill her with so much joy.”

On April 13 at 9 a.m. in the William H. Pitt Center, Theta Phi Alpha sorority hosted their philanthropy event “Audrey’s Spike Out for Hunger and Homelessness.”

This was a volleyball tournament and raffle that raised over $4,000 for hunger and homelessness in memory of Audrey Niblo, a beloved sister of Theta Phi Alpha who passed away suddenly last year.

Many organizations made teams and competed in volleyball tournaments including Alpha Delta Pi, Habitat for Humanity, Pi Kappa Phi, Beta Theta Pi, The Spectrum, and many others.

The fraternity Pi Kappa Phi took the lead throughout the tournament and ended up winning $100 towards their own philanthropy, “The Ability Experience.”

“This event is a fundraiser for Hunger and Homelessness. We nationally support this through The House that Theta Phi Alpha Built,” said Frederick. “This foundation financially supports organizations like Camp Friendship to alleviate burdens of those who cannot feed or shelter themselves.”

“I think Audrey would love this event and be very excited that it was in her honor,” said junior Theta Phi Alpha Treasurer Reilly Owens. “She would just be very ecstatic about how many people showed up in her memory and for such a good cause.”

Audrey Niblo was a sister of Theta Phi Alpha but is known for so much more. She is loved continuously by her sisters and the people she affected throughout her life.

She was a staff writer for the Spectrum newspaper as well as a writer for Her Campus. Her passing inspired the Sacred Heart University journalistic award, respectfully named “The Audrey Niblo Award for Excellence in Reporting and Writing.”

“She was always the light of the room, no matter what she did she was always putting a smile on other people’s faces and bringing happiness to others,” said junior and Theta Phi Alpha Recording Secretary Nicole Forest.

“Our Philanthropy Chair, Julia Breitenbach, dedicated the event in Audrey’s honor with overwhelming support, so that Audrey may live on through philanthropic efforts that inspired her to get more involved on campus,” said Frederick.

The sorority has used Audrey as a model of philanthropic excellence and inspiration in the past and will continue to do so in the future in their events and in their own sisterhood.

“I think this event should become an annual one especially in Audrey’s memory to keep honoring her and the way she cared about helping others in the future,” said sophomore Theta Phi Alpha member, Mariah Concannon.

In order to support the cause, The Spectrum board created a team that consisted of Graham O’Dwyer, Evan Denny, Bryana Cielo, Dom Caporale, Abby Frisoli, and Justin Lowe. The team was coached by Tessa Kielbasa, who is also a member of Theta Phi Alpha. The team advanced through the first two rounds, besting Habitat for Humanity and Zeta Tau Alpha. They fell to Pi Kappa Phi in the third round.

According to Theta Phi Alpha’s Sacred Heart University chapter website, “Theta Phi Alpha’s sisterhood is like no other; it is comprised of women from all over the world who share honesty, loyalty and love to one another. No matter the location, time or situation, sisterhood is at the center of each Theta Phi Alpha’s life.”

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