Campus Cube: Delivering Care Packages Near You


By Tessa Kielbasa

Staff Reporter

Campus Cube is an online service that allows family and friends to send college students care packages. It provides a way to stay in contact while students are away and attending school.

The company is based out of New York City and strives to provide fun and useful packages to its customers.

“I always run out of small items that I need. It can also let me know that someone is thinking about me,” said sophomore Helena Kizildag.

According to the Campus Cube website, the company was founded in 2016 in hopes of helping families “offer support and encouragement to students.”

It offers boxes full of snacks and small gadgets that can be useful for college students.

“Snacks, candy, something to distract me from my school work is always good,” said sophomore Bryana Caraballo.

The website states that the boxes come in themes including spring and winter semesters, but there is also an anytime cube option that can be sent.

The women’s Anytime Cube comes with a pillowcase, gourmet chocolate chip cookies, face wash and other gifts. The spring semester specific cube comes with chocolate covered pretzels, inflatable flamingo coaster, hair ties, as well as other gadgets and snacks.

“It’s a great way to receive items you’re actually going to use,” said senior Jessica Salvadore.

The men’s Campus Cube comes with similar snack items, but different gadgets designed for guys. The Anytime Cube comes with a water bottle, razor and a smartphone wallet. The spring semester cube contains foaming shaving gel, sunscreen lip balm and a variety of gourmet snacks.

The Anytime Cube is priced at $44.95 and the spring semester cube is listed at $39.95. The boxes ship for free via FedEx.

After the boxes are received by students they can be turned into dorm room storage to make living at school easier. The cubes can then be stacked and turned into cubbies.

“Instead of wasting the box and throwing it out, I can use it to store either school books, important papers and other miscellaneous items,” said Caraballo.

While not many Sacred Heart University students have received Campus Cubes, they think the packages are a good idea.

“I always run out of snacks for studying,” said Kizildag. “College students can never have enough.”

The cubes can come in a birthday themed box as well, containing an inflatable birthday crown, a personalized card, treats and other party goodies.

Past cube themes have been October, Back to School and Winter. The company also can put gluten-free snacks in their care packages.

The company website claims that students like getting care packages and their product is a convenient way to send students a gift.

“I was really homesick my freshman and sophomore year. It would be a good reminder of your family and friends back home,” said Salvadore.


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