Club Spotlight: Art Club


Art club members painting mugs during on the club’s many crafting activities. Photo courtesy of Christina Ghillani.

By Fallon Bevino

Staff Reporter

Are you looking to bring out and showcase your inner artistic talent? Art Club was created with the intent to help students grow and gain a sense of confidence, strength, grace and a deeper appreciation and knowledge of art.

Art Club has been around since 2012 and has grown over the years with over 90 students, making it one of the biggest clubs on campus.

Christina Ghillani, a senior graphic design and illustration major, is the current club president.

“The main goals and values of Art Club are to show students how to creatively express themselves through different mediums and materials. Art Club is open to all students who are interested in the arts, even if they don’t have any prior experience,” said Ghillani. “Art club gives any student the opportunity to learn about art and how to creatively express themselves.”

The club seeks to reach more than just art students. To attract a variety of students, the club’s bi-weekly meetings include activities like coloring, simple craft making and painting.

“We usually do simple crafts that would fit anyone’s style and are also fun. We also teach students about art and the techniques used for different mediums and materials,” said Ghillani.

The club holds activities and events, both on and off-campus. On campus, they hold Student Art Exhibits, Paint and Sip Nights, club meetings and fundraisers.

It also works to expand the knowledge of art by going off-campus to local schools. Club members work with and introduce local students to the world of art.

“My favorite part of Art Club is the community that it builds. Art Club is a place to have creative freedom and express yourself anyway that you want. It shows that there are no limits or boundaries to creativity,” said Ghillani.

Student Art Exhibits are held at the Art and Design Gallery located outside of the Edgerton Theatre For Performing Arts. These exhibits feature the artwork of the club members.

Rhys Fabiani, a member of Art Club, said that his favorite event is teaching Paint Night at Sacred Heart’s on-campus pub, Red’s. Fabiani, who is also a Red’s chair-member, instructs groups of students through the steps of painting
a picture.

“Being able to guide students to make something regardless of ability is fun. You never know what you’re going to see and a lot of the time it’s very impressive,” said Fabiani.

Fabiani enjoys instilling confidence in students while helping them paint during their event held at Red’s.

“I enjoy seeing kids loosen up and just have fun. I just have so much fun helping others make something that they’re proud to display on their wall either for themselves or as a gift to others. My main goal is to have fun and then to help students make their piece special,” said Fabiani.

If anyone is interested in joining Art Club, students may contact Ghillani at or Prof. Jack de Graffenried at


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