Club Spotlight: Business Administration Club


The Business Administration club encourages all business majors to join as it takes into consideration every aspect of business. Photo courtesy of Business Administration club.

By Peter Ciocca

Staff Reporter

The Business Administration Club at Sacred Heart tries to create and provide an academic and social environment for students interested in business.

The club allows for their members to explore career opportunities in the corporate world, increase their knowledge of current business events and discuss relevant business student issues.

They benefit their members by allowing them to choose designs and pricing for their apparel orders, while also educating them on professional skills that are used in the business industry. For example, they incorporate alumni who work on Wall Street to provide their members with advice and content that will help them with their respective career paths.

“In addition, we provide opportunities to volunteer with Junior Achievement, a local nonprofit, where students teach elementary children business and entrepreneurial concepts,” said junior James Chiavaro, president of the club.

The club strives on accepting all business majors, taking into consideration every aspect of business. It incorporates marketing, finance and other areas showing how each play a role in the management decision.

The club tries to meet twice a month, which is every other week due to each student’s schedules. At the meetings, they discuss current events or how to pursue internships.

As well as discuss ways to raise money, such as selling merchandise to make money for their club.

They use the money to fundraise trips for the club and plan other fundraising events that are run through the Jack  Welch College of Business.

“We are trying to organize a dodge ball tournament in April. We also have a Jack Welch College of Business jacket order running right now,” said Chiavaro.

The Business Administration Club encourages people to join if they have any interest in business at all. Their club overlaps many disciplines and can be applicable to any career choice.

“People should join the club because it has a lot to offer, but we definitely need some more members. The more people that we have, the better fundraising we can do, as well as promote ourselves around campus,” said junior Tori Oates.

The meetings are held in the Frank and Marisa Martire Business and Communications Center. It is student-run by their advisor Professor Tuvana Rua. Rua is the assistant professor in the management department.

“My experience being in the business club has been a great time,” said senior David Dechent-Robertin, vice president of the club. “I realized my passion for teaching business topics, which is something I would never have done if it weren’t for this club. It also helped me realize my passion for business and management, to help figure out what I want to do after I graduate.”


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