Club Spotlight: Ivory Ella


Ivory Ella’s executive board showing their dedication to save elephants. Photo by Brendan Capuano/Spectrum.

By Dante Cabral

Staff Reporter

Five entrepreneurs with the purpose of raising money to save elephants around the world created Ivory Ella in April 2015.

It is affiliated with Save the Elephants, an organization that donates a portion of their proceeds to the wildlife preservation of elephants. The company donates 10% of their net profits to Save the Elephants and other charitable organizations that promote saving the wildlife.

Senior Bianca Timpano brought the club to Sacred Heart University. She has been an ambassador for the company since the spring of 2016 and has been working for them since 2015.

Timpano said that that she originally found out about Ivory Ella by seeing their ads on Facebook. She later learned that her neighbor’s nephew, Matt Fiano, is one of five co-founders and began working for the organization.

After working with them for a while, Timpano thought it would be a good idea to bring Ivory Ella to Sacred Heart.

“I wanted to start it here because I’m graduating in the fall so I want it to continue on because it is for a good cause. But with the club, we are going to raise money for the organizations that Ivory Ella also supports, as well as help out other clubs on campus by donating shirts for their fundraisers,” said Timpano.

The company first started out their fundraising by only making shirts for people to buy. They have now expanded, adding a variety of other products such as pants, sweatshirts, hats, jewelry, phone cases, etc. They started out in East Lyme, Conn. and have now expanded to Westerly, RI.

“Seeing it expand so fast has been incredible. To be there from almost the start has been incredible. We went from being over 2,000 orders behind weekly and never having enough shirts, unsure of if we were to ever catch up with orders, to print and ship being completely caught up to the point orders are basically shipped the day they are received,” said Timpano.

The club is very active on social media. They have accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. Their posts consist of updates, when the club will be meeting, and where the club will be meeting.

They also specialize in giveaways on all of their social media accounts.

“The giveaways are a fun way for people to get our name heard. And by doing the giveaway, we are advertising ourselves by the shirts being worn,” said sophomore club member Lina Pagano.

To be eligible to win, all you have to do is just direct message the account that is having the giveaway, and the winner is picked through random name generator apps that Timpano uses. She picks the first two names that are generated through the applications that she uses.

“When I won, I ended up looking the company up just to see what exactly it was and it was very informative. By having the giveaways, it peaked my interest into the company and people feel as though it is a more interactive way of getting the company to engage with their consumers,” said sophomore Erica Heins.

Timpano doesn’t only use social media for giveaways, but she uses it to promote the club as well.

“It spreads the word a lot because nobody really reads a flyer, even though we make a flyer and put it out there. Even the emails that go out sometimes go to spam or clutter. But with social media, everyone’s on it and they actually look at things,” said Timpano. “You just put it on, they spread the word, and every time we do a giveaway I’m like ‘Make sure to tell your friends to follow.’ I have over 100 people following on each of my accounts right now so it just keeps growing and growing and more people spread the word.”


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