Club Spotlight: Pre-Law Club


The Pre-Law club allows students to learn about the law school experience and also meet people such as the attorney general. Photo by the Pre-Law club.

By Dante Cabral

Staff Reporter

Are you interested in learning about law or pursuing a career in law?

The Pre-Law Club has existed at Sacred Heart University for 15 years. The club was created to introduce students to the study of law, to encourage students to consider a career in law, and to help students prepare for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT).

“It’s acted as a support system for the experience of thinking of applying to law schools. The process is stressful and overwhelming so it’s nice to know that others are going through the same thing,” said junior and Vice President of the club Este Deschamps.

The LSAT is the entrance exam needed in order to get into law school. Junior Anthony Galvano, co-president of the club, thinks that the LSAT preparation that takes places every meeting is the most important part.

“We try and gear the club more towards the LSAT. We begin every class by giving a mock question so that people can familiarize themselves with the LSAT,” said Galvano.

The club also does other things to help students learn about law besides handing out mock questions.

“We do interviews through Skype sometimes with people from different universities. Or we will do a debate in class. We will get people used to making an argument, formulating an argument, countering an argument, stuff like that,” said Galvano.

Members of the club are finding it very beneficial to have guest speakers come and speak at their meetings.

“Having the opportunity to hear law school admissions counselors come and speak to us about the requirements for law school and what the overall experience is like for a law student has been extremely valuable,” said sophomore secretary Meagan Schantz. “It has helped me to better understand the expectations of entering into the field of law and has taught me crucial information that I need to know in order to further my education and plan my career.”

Professor Gary Rose is the advisor for the club.

“This is extremely important as it allows the students to hear first hand about the law school experience and the day-to-day work of a lawyer,” said Rose.

Rose also plans to form a Pre-Law advisory board in the future. It would consist of Sacred Heart alumni and faculty who are lawyers.

The club is planning on holding more events before the end of the school year, such as another mock LSAT, two more guest speakers and a potential trip to the Capitol.

Students can find out about the club through emails that are sent out by Rose, postings on the website and presentations from Rose himself at the open houses. To be involved with the club, students should attend the meetings whenever they take place.

Meeting days, times and locations for the club are usually described in Rose’s school-wide emails.

“I would say that this year has been our break-through year, if you want to put it that way. We have had high and regular attendance,” said Galvano.


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