Club Spotlight: “The Pulse”


Members of last semeter’s “The Pulse” after an episode shot in Martire alongside Professor Alicastro. Photo courtesy of The Pulse.

By Natalie Cioffari


Did you know that Sacred Heart University has its own television and magazine show entirely run and produced by students?

“The Pulse” is one of the many media organizations the university offers.

It is taught by Professor Joseph Alicastro, Coordinator of News & Broadcasting in the Master’s of Communication program and 30 year veteran producer of NBC News.

Typically, a student starts out in CM-171, Broadcast News Reporting. There they learn the basics of how a professional show is run, basic video editing and interview skills and what makes a story on a news show.

From there, they can advance to the higher class levels of “The Pulse,” which are CM-271, TV News Magazine I and CM-371, TV News Magazine II.

“I enjoy working in production with ‘The Pulse’ because it helps me gain hands on experience that I will use in the work place,” said senior producer Nicole Granito. “From editing to directing, ‘The Pulse’ has helped me learn all different positions in the control room, assisting with pre-production, and helping with post-production.”

Although this is a class, any student is welcome to participate in “The Pulse.”

Since the organization has been established, “The Pulse” has created over 12 full shows and over 50 individual stories.

Stories range from topics of news, features or sports. Whether they are a student producer or reporter, everyone that participates in the organization has grown as a whole.

“Working with the class/team is awesome,” said senior producer Thomas Spierto. “You have to be on top of things 24/7, and that is only preparing you for the real world. Watching the other student’s videos progress from a script to a finished product for the show is a great thing to see.”

The club members and classmates can also agree that Alicastro has helped them fine tune their editing and video skills for their future careers.

“Going into CM-171, I was very timid because I did not know much about video editing,” said senior reporter Gabriella Nutile, co-copy and features editor of The Spectrum. “But because Professor Alicastro is such a great teacher and person in general, he has made myself and my peers turn into true story tellers.”

During class, Alicastro and the students critique each other’s work. This process normally takes about two weeks, which includes going out and shooting material and writing scripts. From there, the show is produced in Studio A and Control Room A.

The producers assign everyone a particular role in the studio and the control room, and everyone has the opportunity to try out different positions.

“I enjoy creating and planning the rundown of the show. What we are doing now gives me a sense of how an actual show is run, from creating graphics to writing the script,” said Spierto.

“The Pulse” is currently being produced in post- production, which means the edit they show and the stories separately. However, they are working towards becoming even more professional.

“In the future I hope we are able to go completely live with the show and have it broadcasted on the TVs around campus. It will give students a chance to see all of our hard work and what has been going on around campus,” said Granito.

You can watch the newest show on their website,

If you are interested in joining “The Pulse,” you can contact Alicastro at


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