Facebook Introduces Its Newest Feature: Messenger Day


Sophomore Bridget Adams trying out Messenger Day, the new Facebook feature. Photo by Anna Finn/Spectrum.

By Anna Finn

Staff Reporter

On Thursday, March 9, Facebook released its newest feature, Messenger Day.

According to Facebook.com, Messenger Day allows their users to share decorated photos and videos with everyone they are friends with or just the people they choose to share them with, similar to Instagram and Snapchat’s story feature.

“I was updating all the apps on my phone the other day and I saw Messenger had a new feature so I started playing around with it,” said sophomore Max Tuttle. “I’m a huge Snapchat guy so I thought this new feature on Messenger was pretty stupid and a huge copy of Snapchat’s feature, Stories.”

According to Mashable Tech, after CEO Evan Spiegel’s decline to Facebook’s offer, Facebook planned to launch nearly uniform apps to Snapchat and strive to put it out of business.

“I just heard about this new feature and I am pumped about it because I love Snapchat and this is basically just like it but through Facebook now,” said freshman Lizzie Smalls.

Users can share their posts while allowing them to view who’s seen their posts. After 24 hours the post will disappear.

“I rarely use the Messenger app for Facebook anymore. I didn’t even know this new feature existed and I don’t think I’d ever bother to use it or learn how to use it anyways,” said sophomore Madison Vuilleumier.

According to Fortune Magazine in 2013, Snapchat’s numbers got to about two-thirds of Facebook’s figure/ So Facebook offered Snapchat a $3 billion cash buy that Spiegel declined.

“I think creating Messenger Day is very clever, I like playing around and using all different types of social media. Facebook is like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat all in one, which I think is kind of cool,” said freshman Kerri Metzler.

In accordance with Fortune Magazine, before Messenger Day, the Facebook-owned Instagram commenced its new feature called Stories, which lets users share a collection of photos, and videos that disappear after 24 hours.

“Facebook should have never come out with this new Messenger Day feature. It’s pointless because to me, Facebook and Snapchat have two completely different uses to me,” said sophomore Tricia Anen. “I have Snapchat to post my photos and videos that I want to disappear after 24 hours and Facebook to post them to keep up forever. I don’t think I’ll ever catch myself using Messenger Day.”

Facebook differentiates their new Messenger Day feature from Snapchat’s Stories feature by insisting the app is “about today, not yesterday or tomorrow.”

“I don’t plan to use Facebook’s Messenger Day app. It has a low quality camera, the add effects aren’t even that cool, and it is completely identical to Snapchat, but Snapchat is better,” said sophomore Bridget Adams.


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