Food Review: JP’s Diner


By: Diana Lento

Staff Reporter

When JP’s Diner opened, there was a great deal of excited anticipation to see what this new dining spot on campus would have to offer.

Since the diner officially opened in early November, there has been quite the demand for the much anticipated burgers, omelettes, and grilled cheeses, among other delectable meals that are offered on the menu.

The outside of the diner has appeals to the typical 50’s retro theme, with silver and red flourishings. Because of the holiday season, the diner is currently decorated for Christmas.

The windows display some delightful festive Christmas wreaths. There are many booths inside the diner along the windows where people can sit and enjoy each other’s company.

There are also two sizable televisions inside playing some Christmas classics.    

Of course, for the people who just want to enjoy a cup of coffee on the go, the bar stools offer a convenient, yet pleasant, seating option. The diner is spacious and allows for groups from one to ten to enjoy themselves in a comfortable environment.

The decor was tasteful, displaying the school colors on the seats of the booths, floor, and the ceiling. Sacred Heart’s crest was embellished on the back of the single seats.

Because of the excitement that preceded the grand opening of the diner, there is often an hour-long wait to be seated. I was with a friend and we placed our order with the cordial wait staff.

We ordered a grilled cheese, a chocolate milkshake and a west coast omelette.

Our grilled cheese was quite appetizing. The bread was perfectly toasted with the swiss cheese.

I was able to share an omelette and the grilled cheese with my friend.

The omelette was fluffy yet substantial. The avocado and salsa, which were served as a garnish, is such a detectable taste combination and an ideal complement to the dish. The heat of the salsa was cooled down by the avocado and the eggs. A large serving of hash browns accompanied the omelette, perhaps a welcome portion for those with larger appetites.

The chocolatey rich milkshake was perfectly sweetened, causing us to promptly order another one.

Initially, a few difficulties were reported at the earliest stages of JP’s development. Most students have reported pleasant experiences. Some students have felt that the diner wasn’t the best, by receiving a burnt waffle or a burnt burger.

However, the general concensus on campus is that many students have given JP’s a high rating. This diner is a unique addition to our campus. Not many universities can boast that they have such an establishment right on campus. Its setting makes it a perfect meeting place for students, professors, and visitors.

But as to my own personal experience, I found that the diner is overall a great environment and a comfortable place to sit and enjoy a meal. The food is delicious and I wish I had a meal plan so that I could eat there more often.

I would recommend that every Sacred Heart student at least goes and experiences the diner at least once, it’s something new on campus, so you have to see it for yourself.


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