Food Review: Mecha Noodle Bar

One of Mecha's delicious entrees featured on their menu. Photo courtesy of Mecha Noodle Bar official website.

One of Mecha’s delicious entrees featured on their menu. Photo courtesy of Mecha Noodle Bar official website.

By Natalie Cioffari


Tucked next to the popular ice cream bar, Milkcraft, in Fairfield is a restaurant called Mecha Noodle Bar.

As stated in the name, this restaurant sells different kinds of noodles, pho and ramen. It also features steamed baos, which are Asian American inspired fluffy buns, and different kinds of appetizers such, as edamame, fried rice, and dumplings.

For those who are 21 plus, they have various drink options and a happy hour. However, if you are running a tight budget with how much you want to spend on the food, I suggest skipping the alcohol and going right for the good stuff, the noodles.

The place itself is very quaint and small, but the atmosphere is very welcoming. You have a choice to sit at the bar, a long, shared tables with benches, or booths that have the small material as the benches. If you do not like to be on top of customers and other people, I suggest ordering out or going during off-peak hours.

I went on a Friday night, so it was pretty packed, but I was seated in less than 20 minutes, which was impressive. Even though there was a large amount of people, my waiter was prompt with getting to my seat with water and a menu. The menu was easy to read, since there is really only two main food items on the menu: pho and ramen. Pho is a rice noodle, while ramen is a regular noodle. To be honest, that is really the only difference I could make out between the two.

Since I knew nothing about the Asian cuisine, I stuck with my waiter’s recommendation of the original chicken ramen. On the menu, there is a section to add whatever you want to the ramen, but I stuck to the basics. The only thing I took out was the egg because I was not feeling that adventurous. Side note: you can always take out whatever you want in the pho and the ramen.

I also made my recommendation based off of what I say from other people. The ramen looked very promising. However, I found out later on that pho, the rice noodles, are actually healthier for you.

My food came out very fast and was steaming hot. Everything had its own section in the soup: the chicken, bamboo, seaweed, black garlic, and the noodles. I had to wait about five minutes for the broth to cool down. After it cooled down, I devoured into the most wonderful ramen noodles I ever purchased in my 22 years of living.

The broth itself was pretty salty, which I wasn’t a fan of, but the constant filling up of my water took that away. They gave you plenty of noodles to mix in with everything else. The portion they give you can fill you up. However, if you are still hungry, for two extra dollars you can get a whole other helping of noodles.

Overall, I would give this restaurant a four out of five. If you have never ventured to Mecha Noodle Bar and are curious about what it is all about, I definitely suggest you take the drive. It will be worth your money and your hunger. I know that I will be making a trip back to try their pho and fluffy buns.


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