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Alumni of Sacred Heart University Anthony Sallemi, Frank Scozzari, and Richard Keegan have founded a social network for members of Greek life across the country, called Greeked Life.

“For all of us, Greek life was a huge factor of our college experiences, and we realized that a lot of things could be done to help people in Greek life, whether they be the individuals in the chapter or in the surrounding community. We decided to organize a platform to unite Greek life,” said Richard Keegan.

Scozzari, Keegan, and Sallemi saw an opportunity to connect Greek life organizations with each other and members of the community.

“We were all members of Pi Kappa Phi at Sacred Heart and whenever we’ve personally reached out to another Pi Kappa Phi member they’ve immediately helped us by signing up and rating our app because they want to help their brother or sister that lives across the country,” said Keegan.

Regarding the bad reputation that Greek life can sometimes acquire, Anthony Sallemi said, “It’s a privilege to be in Greek life and no one should abuse it by partying all the time – they should focus on philanthropic work.”

“Our hope and vision is to grow the Greek community through our platform and to connect to the local community and alumni, and to not focus on the partying and negative connotations,” said Frank Scozzari.

Anthony Sallemi came up with the idea and went into business with Keegan and Scazzari, and the three brought the company to life.

“When I was an undergrad I thought of the idea, but I looked at the price to see how much it would cost to get going and it was too high to fathom. But once I was an alumnus and working, I had the idea again and realized this still hasn’t been invented. That is when I called Richard Keegan, the former president, and soon after that we brought Frank Scozzari on board,” said Sallemi.

Sallemi, Scozzari, and Keegan want to focus on the good that Greek life can bring into a community, and help chapters connect with each other and better serve those in need.

“We have a portion of the website and app dedicated to community service projects that anybody can post,” said Sallemi. “Say a church in the area near Sacred Heart needed something built – they could simply find our website and post that they need something, and it goes directly to the organizations at Sacred Heart, and any or all of the organizations can help to get that done.”

Sallemi, Keegan, and Scozzari predict that as more and more organizations join on the app, there will be countless amounts of community service opportunities available for members of Greek life.

“Greeked currently has 159 organizations signed up at over 371 schools and our organization and user community is growing daily,” said Scozzari.

Their start-up company Greeked Life is available in the app store and free to download on any smartphone. The Greeked Life website can be accessed at


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