Haircuts for Heroes


By: Devyn King

Staff Reporter

On Tuesday, March 19, Kappa Sigma held their annual philanthropy event called Haircuts for Heroes at 9 p.m. in the University Commons auditorium. They have held this event every year since being initiated at Sacred Heart University in 2009.

Kappa Sigma’s philanthropy aims to raise money for the Military Heroes Campaign, and the donations are directed towards soldiers who are disabled or who were killed in the line of duty.

According to junior Kappa Sigma president, Joe Nobile, the rules of the competition were to get sororities on campus to raise money for the campaign, and the three highest donating sororities would then get to shave a fraternity brother’s head military buzzcut style, at the Haircuts for Heroes event.

The three Kappa Sigma brothers that had their heads shaved were freshman Brian Rice, freshman Demetrious Kotriski, and junior Dom Danzi.

“This event is important to my brothers and I because it is our biggest event, which means it’s our biggest opportunity to give back to a cause that is bigger than all of us,” said Nobile.

“We donate all of our earnings to the Wounded Warrior Foundation. It means a lot to each and every one of us because we get to help those who keep our country safe,” he said.

At the start of the event, the amount of money raised was $1,800 announced by Thomas Gallagher and Nathan Gervais, both head of the Kappa Sigma philanthropy board. As you walked into the event, there were tables set up where members of the fraternity sat to take more donations before the final results of the competition were revealed.

The sororities and fraternities socialized and listened to music while more donations were taking place.

The top three donating sororities were Zeta Tau Alpha giving $636, Kappa Alpha Theta giving $349, and a tie between Alpha Delta Pi and Kappa Delta both giving $349.

With one minute added to donation time, the tie was broken and Alpha Delta Pi gave $70 more putting them in third place donating a total of $331.

“This was actually our third consecutive year that Zeta Tau Alpha donated the most money towards their philanthropy. It is an amazing feeling to know that we are making a difference in our community,” said junior Gillian Leroy, President of Zeta Tau Alpha.

Senior Meg Rice was the sorority sister chosen as the representative for Zeta Tau Alpha to shave Rice’s head, and they are siblings.

“Having my sister shave my head made the event extremely fun because we are best friends and she is probably the only regular person I would trust to shave my head besides a professional Barber,” said Rice.

According to Rice, it is tradition for newly initiated members of Kappa Sigma from the previous fall class to participate. If there are no volunteers, a name is drawn from a hat.

The total amount of donations at the end of this event came to $2,695.50.


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