Introducing Ben & Jerry’s Pint Slices

Yummy in Sacred Heart's tummy, new Ben and Jerry's ice cream sandwich. Photo by Tessa Kielbasa/Spectrum.

Yummy in Sacred Heart’s tummy, new Ben and Jerry’s ice cream sandwich. Photo by Tessa Kielbasa/Spectrum.

By Tessa Kielbasa

Staff Reporter

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is now available in sandwich form, called Pint Slices. The ice cream company announced their newest creation in early February.

The new ice cream bars will provide an on-the-go version of Ben & Jerry’s.

“I think it was a good idea for Ben & Jerry’s to start producing a product for the ice cream bar industry,” said sophomore Stephanie Doheny.

According to the Ben & Jerry’s website, the sandwiches will be available in four flavors: Americone Dream, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Vanilla Peanut Butter Cup.

The newest product will give consumers a smaller size to enjoy if they do not want to purchase a pint of their favorite flavor.

“I won’t feel as guilty eating one pint slice instead of a whole pint,” said Doheny.

The Ben & Jerry’s website calls their creation a “self-contained hand-held masterpiece of sweet euphoria.”

Originally started in a gas station, the ice cream company has become popular because of their special flavors including Cherry Garcia, Phish Food and Chocolate Therapy.

They also offer regular ice cream pints, non-dairy pints, frozen yogurt pints, mini cups and quarts. The ice cream company also has special scoop shop flavors, and have created many new flavors since their opening in 1978.

“The Ben & Jerry’s specific flavors make these bars very unique,” said sophomore Jessica Forlenza. “It’s better than plain old ice cream.”

Some students are excited about the new product because it offers an easy way to enjoy their favorite ice cream brand.

“Ben & Jerry’s Pint Slices give me the opportunity to splurge and buy something other than the normal boring pints,” said sophomore Taylor Gilberti.

According to Fox News Food & Drink, the Pint Slices are similar to a Klondike bar in the idea that there is a thin layer of chocolate coating the ice cream.

“The chocolate is thin enough to not be overwhelming and it provides the perfect amount of crunch to the creamy ice cream which is different from many other bars,” said Gilberti.

The Ben & Jerry Pint Slice’s are available in most of their stores, and will be coming soon to supermarkets.

Editor-in-Chief Natalie Cioffari contributed to this article.


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