LaundryView is Now at Sacred Heart


By Fallon Bevino

Staff Reporter

Is laundry room hold-up one of your biggest frustrations as an on-campus resident? Well if so, have no fear because LaundryView is now at Sacred Heart.

LaundryView is a website that allows students to check the occupancy of washers and dryers before making the long haul down to the laundry room.

“LaundryView was developed in response to requests for greater control over laundry activities. Since many people tend to do their laundry during similar time periods, it results in busy laundry rooms,” states the LaundryView website.

Many students believe that laundry as a college student isn’t an easy task.

“It got to the point where I had to set aside a few hours just for laundry because I knew, from experience, that it would take that long just find an open washing machine,” said freshman Jennie Boisvert. “Between school and being an athlete, I’m busy as it is, so having to worry about laundry is the worst.”

The addition of LaundryView to the dorms is a convenience added to everyday life for some students who require laundry services on campus.

“I’m so excited about using LaundryView, it’s such a cool feature that will save many students, so much time and effort,” said Christian. “Not many would think that laundry is such a hassle, but when I find myself spending more time worrying about when I’ll be able to do the next load of laundry, than I do worrying about my homework, that’s a problem.”

On the site, there is a list of the residential halls and under each one there is every laundry room located in that building.

Next to each laundry room location, the availability is listed as (#W/#D). So, if you check the site and see that your laundry room has (2W/2D), you’re in the clear because two washers and two dryers are available.

Christian Witness, Jorge Bergoglio, Merton Hall, Seton Hall, Park Ridge, Roncalli Hall and Scholars Commons are the seven dorms listed on the site. Residents living in these dorms are able to use the site to monitor the status of washers and dryers at this time.

Pioneer Gardens and Oakwood are not currently listed on the site.

“Last year, as I was complaining about doing laundry and the trouble it caused me, my friend asked me if I used LaundryView. Obviously, I said no, so he explained it to me and I instantly wished it would come to Sacred Heart,” said sophomore Liv Wunder.

After giving the site a shot, Wunder was hooked.

“All I had to do was look on the website, check if a washer was open, and since it was, I went down and did my laundry. It turned, what was a three-hour ordeal, into only one hour,” said Wunder.

LaundryView is currently available for student-use.

To use the site from your cellphone visit, and to visit the website on a computer go to


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