McDonald’s Introduces Two New Big Macs


McDonald’s added two new members to the Big Mac family including the Mac Jr. and the Grand Mac. Photo by McDonald’s via AP.

By Dante Cabral

Staff Reporter

McDonald’s is a fast food chain restaurant known for their exclusive burger called the Big Mac. Recently, the company realized that it was time to make a change in regards to their iconic burger by introducing the Mac Jr. and the Grand Mac.

While the regular Big Mac is served with two regular 1/10 pound beef patties, the Mac Jr. and Grand Mac contain a different sized patty. According to People Food, The Mac Jr. is served with 1/6 pound patty while the Grand Mac is served with two 1/6 pound patties.

“I probably wouldn’t try anything new at McDonald’s for the sake that it’s at McDonalds and I don’t believe that it could be healthier since it’s fast food,” said sophomore Emily Hague.

According to People Food, Jim Delligatti created the Big Mac back in 1967. It was initially only sold in the Greater Pittsburgh area but would be later sold nationwide in 1968.

The famous fast food chain has made sure to not change the Big Mac since its countrywide release. It still contains the traditional beef patty, special sauce, shredded lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions all on a sesame seed bun.

According to Business Insider, The Mac Jr. will be priced at $3.39 while the Grand Mac will cost you around $5.39.

Some students are already looking forward to trying the two freshly added menu items.

“I’ve had a Big Mac plenty of times before and I personally think they taste pretty good. I am looking forward to getting my hands on one of those new burgers the next time I make a trip to McDonald’s,” said sophomore Billy Varasconi.

While some students are looking forward to trying the new Big Mac burgers, others aren’t quite as excited.

“No, I do not enjoy fast food burgers. Personally, those burgers do not seem appealing to me,” said sophomore Aarika Mallory.

McDonald’s has always been adding and dropping special items and deals to their menu to see what new things their customers could be interested in. A few examples include the Dollar Menu, the McPick 2 Menu and the Shamrock Shake.

Some students think that same success of the special items will continue for the two new Big Mac burgers.

“I feel like these two Mac’s could be successful. There are several people out there that enjoy the Big Mac already so I can see people trying these two new Macs,” said Mallory. “If people aren’t too hungry they can have the Jr. and if they are feeling daring they could do the Grand Mac.”

Other students don’t see the same success coming out of these two new ones.

“Probably since they are new to the menu, people will want to try them. But after a while, it will probably fizzle out,” said Hague.

According to People Food, McDonald’s may plan to only have these Big Mac’s stick around for just a short while. They are talking about just making it a limited time deal similar to what they do with their Shamrock Shake.

“I think the Mac Jr. and Grand Mac will receive a lot of attention and have good success on the McDonald’s menu. People will like the fact that they can have a smaller and bigger alternative to just the regular Big Mac,” said Varasconi.


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