Meet the Einstein’s Staff


By Kaylin Huey

Staff Reporter

Many students wait in line at Einstein Bros. Bagels, located in the Martire Center for Business and Communications every morning for a little pick-me-up. But do students really know who the friendly staff members are behind the counter?

Einstein’s staff members are known to be very friendly and helpful, and often times they already know the orders and names of many of the students who come through their line every morning.

“I try to make an effort to get to know the students and their orders,” said Raymond Rodriguez, one of the Einstein’s staff members.

Rodriguez may be a familiar face to many Einstein’s regulars. He has worked for Chartwells for four years and at Einstein’s for three years.

“I love helping you guys out,” said Rodriguez.

Einstein’s staff serve an array of coffees, bagels, breakfast sandwiches and snacks to students every day. Their employees are always willing to help and greet you with a smile.

“I like getting to know the environment and the students here,” said Rodriguez.

He says that a lot of people know him, and he knows a lot of students. He has built a relationship with the students, as he is around the same age as them. Rodriguez is 22 years old and lives nearby in Stratford. His favorite order to get at Einstein’s is an iced caramel high rise coffee with an everything bagel. When he is not at work, he enjoys playing sports and going to the gym, and he also enjoys traveling.

Einstein’s provides students with a break between classes, and a vast menu of bagels, coffee, sandwiches and smoothies.

“The service at Einstein’s is unmatched. Every staff member greets you with a smile and always gets to know the students personally,” said senior Manuel Vargas.

Many students may be familiar with Lisa Moural as well, considering she is most often the cashier at Einstein’s.

Lisa has worked at Einstein’s since it opened three years ago. You may see a resemblance between her and Louise Delucia, 63’s staff member, as they are mother and daughter. Lisa is always smiling and happy to see every student in line.

“I love it,” said Moural. “I like making everybody happy.”

The friendly staff members are what make Einstein’s a great place for students to come to every morning.

Lisa likes to go on vacation and hang out with her husband and 10-year-old daughter when she is not working, and she says she also loves to clean. Her favorite thing to order at Einstein’s is a spinach, mushroom and egg white sandwich on an asiago bagel.

“I have always gotten great service at Einstein’s. Toula is literally the sweetest and always has a smile when she gives anyone coffee,” said junior Nicole Cardarelli.

Sheryl Sells, another Einstein’s employee, has worked for Chartwells for over 13 years now and has been with Einstein’s since it opened back in 2015. On her off-time, she can be found MC’ing parties, dancing and bartending. She says her dream vacation would be to go to Vegas. Sheryl likes the fast work pace at Einstein’s and enjoys having an asiago bagel with tomato and cream cheese on her breaks.

“Seeing the smiles on their faces. Even when they are stressed out about midterms or work, they are always very happy and have smiles on their faces,” said Moural. “That makes my day and makes me want to come into work.”

Stop by Einstein’s in the Martire Center for Business and Communications tomorrow morning for a bagel and coffee served fresh by Einsteins’ friendly and dedicated staff members.


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