Student Creates His Own App: Bar-Eeze


Junior Peter Siegel created an app called Bar-Eeze to help college students plan their night out. Photo by Joseph Durante/Spectrum.

By Anna Finn

Staff Reporter

Junior marketing major Peter Siegel’s idea to create an application all started after he took an introduction to business class his freshman year.

Siegel’s first idea was to make an app that would show how busy different locations on campus were to the students, such as if there were any seats open in the library or treadmills available in the gym.

“My friends and I were tired of paying for Uber’s to bars and realizing they were empty or too crowded,” said Siegel. “I remember thinking to myself, I wish I had a crystal ball to see how these places were before we left the house.”

He took his original idea and decided he wanted to apply it to bars and began to make his app Bar-Eeze.

“The app Waze inspired me since it is an app where the users helped one another to avoid traffic on the roads. This concept is similar to mine but with bars,” said Siegel.

To create Bar-Eeze, his first step was getting the money to develop it.

“I spoke to investors who loved the idea and wanted to help me make it happen,” said Siegel. “I didn’t have any coding experience so I knew I would have to hire a developer to do it for me.”

Siegel interviewed numerous different developers, determined to find who was the best fit for him.

“I was confident with a developer called BlueLabel Labs and contracts were signed and we started the design stage,” said Siegel.

He was responsible for the whole design of the app. He created wireframes, which are images that exhibit the functional elements of the app, to give the developer an idea of what he wanted.

“After the design came development and different builds of the app. We had 23 builds before we launched on the app Store,” said Siegel.

It took Siegel about two years to create the app, due to pausing the project for a few months to get more investors on board.

The now launched app Bar-Eeze is a social networking platform that helps its users view the current status of any bar.

It introduces Vibe Badges, which is a quick way to view or select the bar’s current atmosphere, such as the gender ratio, the line outside, wait time for a drink, and more.

“I advertise the app on social media mostly. But there is a lot more to come,” said Siegel.

With this app, you can invite your friends out and then they can instantly receive your message asking them to join you at your current check-in location, as long as they become a Bar-Eeze user.

In the live chat section, you can connect with other users at the same venue or see what others are saying at the bar they’re at by adding pictures to the chat or comments.

“So far I haven’t really marketed it fully yet. We have a huge update coming this summer that is going to make the app much more desirable,” said Siegel. “Once this update comes out I’m going to market the app like crazy.”

Siegel’s short-term goal for Bar-Eeze is to get college students all over America using his app to plan their nights out.

“My long term goal would be to be noticed by Google and possibly get an offer to buy my company,” said Siegel.

Siegel’s advice to those who would like to create an app as well is to think out your idea completely. He explains that it is important to play the devils advocate with yourself.

“There are a lot of little things you need to work out before even thinking about development,” said Siegel. “It is a lot of work, but seeing an idea come to life makes it all worth it.”


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