Tell Us Your Story: Frankie Scarano


By: Nicole D’Andrea

Staff Reporter

Francesco Scarano, senior, who usually goes by Frankie, is from North Haven, Connecticut. He found himself very involved in many on campus activities over his past four years at Sacred Heart University.

“I fell in love with the campus as soon as I visited for the first time. Sacred Heart was a perfect school for me because it was not too big, and it felt right,” said Scarano.

Scarano’s involvements on campus include being President of Omega Phi Kappa (OPK), Italian Club, University Band, Ballroom Dance, and Residential Life.

Because he is so involved on campus, Scarano has had the opportunity to see students get more involved on campus.

“I consider myself to be an individual who gets his happiness from seeing other people happy, and I am able to make a difference throughout campus, by just being myself,” said Scarano.

He is the Senior Resident Success Assistant (SRSA) at The Ridge, and lives in one of the townhouses.

In addition, in being President of OPK, Scarano takes on a lot of responsibilities for the fraternity.

“Everyone that I have met at Sacred Heart has made an impact on me, even if it was just a thirty-second conversation; as all of my encounters have turned me into the person that I am,” said Scarano.

Scarano also plays the trumpet for the University Band.

Scarano’s involvement in Ballroom Dance and the Italian Club have allowed him to stay close to his Italian roots.

“I can speak fluent Italian,” said Scarano.

Scarano also has a younger sister, Maria, who is a freshman Sacred Heart.

While club involvements are a passion for Scarano, so is academics. Scarano is a Biology major, with a double minor in Chemistry and Italian.

“I knew that I would be able to better myself and make an impact if I came to Sacred Heart,” said Scarano.

Biology has given him the opportunity to gain more experience through internships and doing his own research.

“It also helped me to find the love of my life, so Sacred Heart has definitely exceeded my expectations,” said Scarano.

Scarano is also heavily involved in off campus activities. He often volunteers and helps out with younger children playing soccer, a sport he loves.

Aside from activities, Scarano is interested in traveling to different counteries.

He has been to four different countries including Italy, Canada, Spain, and Ireland.

Over winter break he has plans to travel to Germany and the Czech Republic with the band.

“One day my goal is to travel the entire world,” said Scarano.

Sacred Heart has allowed for Scarano to grow as a leader with the opportunities it has given him.

“I was able to call this place my home away from home and get really comfortable with everything after a short period of time,” said Scarano.


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