Tell Us Your Story: Christina Magliocco


By Leah Zinsky

Staff Reporter

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to take classes at a different school other than Sacred Heart?

Sophomore Christina Magliocco from Bethany Conn. will be getting that experience this summer, as she was accepted and will be participating in the Girls Who Invest Online Program.

“I’m really excited to start the program because it will set me apart from the other applicants seeking a career in the competitive field that is financial services,” said Magliocco.

The program runs for a year from June 1, 2018 – June 1, 2019. The program provides modeling skills which are required for any skill or career in asset management.

The Girls Who Invest website states that they offer college students the opportunity to participate in a self-study certificate program in partnership with the CFA Institute, the global association of investment professionals that sets the standard for professional excellence.

The 2018 Online Learners program has partnerships through ‘Coursera,’ one of the largest online platforms for higher education, and CFA institute investment program.

One of the many benefits of this program is gaining free access to finance courses through University of Pennsylvania Wharton’s Business and Financial program. The courses feature some of the world’s best in finance, management, and leadership.

A review from a woman who already completed the course says the online environment is engaging, and always an ongoing community.

There are 17 courses offered overall online, but Magliocco will take six within the first year.

She found out about the application process through an email during the fall semester and was the only one out of the entire Sacred Heart community to take the initiative to apply.

“I was shocked that I was only up against myself from the Sacred Heart community because we got multiple emails to get us to apply,” said Magliocco.

The application was offered to any female finance major that is a freshman or sophomore at Sacred Heart.

Sheila Lills, associate director of career development and placement within the Jack Welch College of Business, encouraged Magliocco to apply for the position. With a little convincing, Magliocco realized how beneficial the position could be to her.

The Summer Intensive Program includes training in ethics from the CFA Institute, Bloomberg Terminal, presentation skills, and interview preparation. The curriculum also includes site visits with select management firms.

During Magliocco’s senior year of high school, she realized that she wanted to go into the business field. Her cousins worked in the finance field and shared their love of finance with her, which inspired Magliocco to want to be just like them, and that is how her interest in finance began.

Being a member of Sacred Heart’s finance business economy club, as well as the student-managed investment fund, impacted Magliocco. Magliocco’s major is finance, along with a double minor in math and business analytics.

The application process included many questionnaires about courses of study and exposure to finance, as well as two letters of recommendation, two essays, and a video introduction.

Upon completion of the courses, Magliocco will receive a ‘resume-worthy’ certificate from the Wharton School of Business, and access to the Girls Who Invest business’s job boards with their partner firms.

“I hope that taking the courses will not only give me exposure to finance classes, but also give me a head start in what to expect when I take my finance classes at Sacred Heart next fall,” said Magliocco.

The program also offers an in-person program where they are housed at a select college and obtain a paid internship while learning.

Magliocco will be busy this summer as she completes this program. She will also be interning at Barnum Financial Group as their Sophomore intern, working with the financial advising branch.

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