Tell Us Your Story: Claire Marrone


Professor Claire Marrone teaches both Italian and French at Sacred Heart University. Photo by Nicholas Troiano/Spectrum.

By Dante Cabral

Staff Reporter

Claire Marrone is a professor at Sacred Heart University who specializes in anything that relates to French and Italian culture.

Marrone discovered her love for traveling when she wanted to study abroad back in college.

“I was already studying foreign languages and I really wanted to travel. I thought studying abroad would really enhance my education. It was really a turning point in my education and what lead me to the profession that I am in today,” said Marrone.

Marrone grew up in Broomall, Pa.

“I come from a family of educators and I have always loved teaching. I studied abroad in France for the first time in college. I really fell in love with Europe and that enhanced my interest in other languages, cultures, and literatures,” said Marrone.

Marrone has had an interesting road as a professor. She started at Sacred Heart in 1992 after teaching at the University of Minnesota, University of Pennsylvania, University of Paris X, and Frères Lumière University in Lyons, France. She also taught Italian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania Summer Institute in Florence, Italy.

“When I taught abroad in Europe, I really got to know some of the university’s systems in the countries where I lived,” said Marrone. “That helped me learn how people were educated in those countries. It helped me bring some of those ideas back home so it was helpful in so many different ways.”

Writing is another activity that Marrone is very passionate about. She has done extensive research on topics such as women’s autobiographical writing, travel literature and texts of the revolutionary periods in France and Italy.

Marrone has also written a book called “Female Journeys: Autobiographical Expressions by French and Italian Women.”

“The book is on women from France and Italy who have published their life stories. So this is some of the work that I did in graduate school. It’s research that I continue through today and it’s work that I bring into some of my classes of literature here at Sacred Heart,” said Marrone.

Falling in love with France and Italy wasn’t that hard
for Marrone nor was finding a passion for each of the respected countries’ culture.

“It began when I started to travel. I studied abroad and lived abroad,” said Marrone. “You become interested in another culture, you start reading about the people that live in these places, and that’s an entrance into how people think and how people live.”

Eventually, Marrone would find her way to Sacred Heart.

“I was intrigued by the fact that they were looking for someone who taught more than one language. I remember there was a very welcoming community here. Particularly the professors in this department,” said Marrone.

Sacred Heart has been a place that Marrone has been very comfortable teaching at.

“There has been a lot of opportunity to develop new courses, to do interdisciplinary work, and Sacred Heart has changed a lot. That has lead to some new opportunities in teaching, and even offering classes in new and different disciplines like freshman seminar and CIT,” said Marrone.


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